Even I Don’t Know

I meant to mention yesterday that Studs Terkel died on Friday.  For those of you who don’t know him, he’s kinda like a fifty year older version of Ira Glass.  Amazing interviewer & really smart guy.  I am kind of upset that the local press turned his obituary into an Obama ad, saying he had wanted to live to see Obama become president (in an interview a month ago Studs said both that he was ready to die & that he wasn’t convinced Obama could win, but what are facts to get in the way for?).  I mean who wants their obituary to mention something trivial like that?  It may as well have said he was hoping to live to see the release of Hotel Hotel’s The Sad Sea & Northern Valentine’s The Distance Brings Us Closer (both released November 4, election day).

I did some more updating on the Silber radio list thanks to Jim Kiley’s help.

I spent some time today talking to Robert Brown of Northern Valentine bullying him into joining BMI.  (I don’t know why so many musicians don’t join some place to get their publishing money.  It’s like saying, “Some money fell out of your pocket,”  & the reply is, “It’s too much work to pick it up.”)  Also discussed pushing back the free Northern Valentine EP back to coincide with the Christmas Compilation & a couple other internet only specials.

I’m not even sure where my day went.  Seems like I didn’t get a lot done today.  Probably because I joined these MySpace Mafia Wars & American Gangster apps with the idea people would see the current avatar ad & buy something (strangely enough I did get a friend request through it, so maybe the scheme will work).

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