I got some mini-comic orders today & needed to print, cut, & assemble them.  I got a review on a blog that I guess is popular enough to actually generate sales (over the years I’ve found reviews general generate name recognition, but not sales).

Did the mastering for Remora’s Ensoulment today.  Waiting to see if it gets accepted for Ping Things.  Kinda towards the heavy metal ambient side of Remora & maybe it has a little too much distortion & envelope filter (if that’s possible, I’m thinking about changing from a reverb based rig to an envelope filter based rig, nobody does that! I used two envelope filters on this & I don’t think they really work in conjunction, but to run on two or more channels might be pretty cool.).  Edited out a few minutes to bring it down to about 72 minutes.  It was actually kind of a pain to master because my computer kept freaking out because of the song size.

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