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So I got the new Electric Bird Noise & the new If Thousands up on the Silber site.  They are both available to purchase or free to stream.  In going with my recent goals of rebuilding the community feel on Silber, anyone who wants to write a little blurb about either of the records I’ll put them on the reviews page with links back to your sites.

James from Plumerai sent me this video about how likes & advertisements on Facebook work.  It helps to put things in perspective when you see smarter people than you having the same problems.

Recent Dreams:
February 6, 2014
I’m playing a house show in the front yard of a house a block from the house I grew up in.  The neighborhood’s kinda shot & I don’t feel comfortable walking up the hill to the old house in the dark.

February 10, 2014
I wake up & look at my left arm & all my scars are gone.  I guess this is what death is like.  It’s not so bad.

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