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So I guess you all probably already know that the majority of my past few weeks have been working on the QRD ebook.  I ran into tons of problems getting the epub format to work in the way I wanted & I even tried to hire someone to get it to work as I wanted.  But in the end I had to admit some defeat in that department & say, “This is what I can do for now.”  So the PDF is great, but the epub doesn’t have a table of contents.  Whatever.  I did my best for the moment. For more information about books visit here. Hopefully in the future I’ll figure out how to work an epub to do what I want, but I feel I have a valiant near first attempt.

In other news I’m getting some new comics laid out & ready to go.  In a good news/bad news scenario this marks the fulfillment of a fourth of the comic subscriptions I got last fall through Kickstarter.  Which means I need to decide if I want to do another Kickstarter to keep doing the comics with the current payrate I have for artists or cut the payment.  I’m getting pretty worn out on the idea of going back to the Kickstarter well for a comic project every three months & I’m not sure at all what my idea would even be for a next Kickstarter project.  Just more subscriptions?  Ugg.  That doesn’t seem exciting in any way.

Here’s a new video from Plumerai:

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