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I did a bunch of QRD articles today.  Updated through issue #29.

My cell phone broke so that the screen no longer lights up.  So no phonebook to use & no Caller ID.  Makes things a little difficult.  Instead of ordering a new phone right away, I ordered the special triangular tipped screwdriver to try to fix it.  So I may end up without a phone altogether for a week after my repair attempts.  We’ll see what happens on that front.  I am debating getting rid of it altogether & just dropping off the face of the earth to a degree.  I’d probably end up more sane without internet or telephone.

Did the look-up on where my big web referrals are coming from lately & four of the top fifty were Chinese sites.  Kind of interesting.  Not sure what to make of that trend.

Got some paperwork started for it being the end of the quarter so I’ll be able to get my checks out to the bands on the label hopefully on Monday.  Depends how fast I am with my paperwork.  Which depends how crazy my Grandma is the next couple of days.

Realized today the the blog readers are half of what they were six months ago.  I know MySpace is a bit out of vogue, but I wonder if it would be even lower on my own site.

I was talking to Sarah June about creating buzz (something I feel Silber is decent at as is Sarah herself) versus creating sales.  Not sure how to change that around.  It seems like for every thousand people who say they love your music, you can generate a single sale.

Got in some artwork for Extreme Lost Kisses from Nick Marino & an email from Melissa Spence Gardner that a new issue of XO is almost ready.  All of a sudden it seems like some comics are going to be coming out.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m driving on I-40 west bound from I-95 towards Raleigh.  The car I can’t quite place as its dashboard isn’t quite right to be one I’ve owned, though it does seem familiar.  I think it might be the Buick LeSabre from the second Cold tour with Lycia.  Anyway, the traffic comes to a sudden halt & I slam on the breaks & switch lanes trying to avoid a crash.  When the brakes finally get the car to stop it stalls out & I can’t get it to start again.  I look in my rear view mirror in time to see a wave of cars about to hit me.  As good of a way & age to die as any.

For a minute I think my brother is visiting me, but then I realize I’m in my body back in time to when we both lived in our parents’ house.  He is making a frozen burrito in the microwave & wants to know if I want one & I’m trying to remember if this is before or after I’m a vegetarian.

I’m emptying the dishwasher & there’s a dirty fork.  Dirty with dirt & moss growing on it.  I try to scratch it off, but it is hard like concrete & instead of the dirt coming off, parts of my thumb are coming off into the fork.  I hate unloading the dishwasher.

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