Last Night’s Dreams:
My brother died & I’m out of town with my family for the funeral.  The place where we’re staying has a barracks setup with a dozen double beds in the same room.  I’m wrapped up in a blanket & it’s time to go to the service, but I can’t get my mind together enough to have the composure to even get out of bed.

I’m running through a parking lot & jump over a car.  At the rear of the car where I’m landing there’s a woman sitting on the asphalt leaning on the bumper reading a book.  I don’t have the clearance to not land on her legs.  I will a burst of wind & it blows me over & I crash into the pavement on my left side.  The girl glances up, then continues reading.

I’m laying belly down on a car roof with my fingers curled over the tops of the doors holding on.  The car’s being driven by a small turtle & luckily it doesn’t weigh enough to push the gas pedal all the way down & we’re going fairly slow.  The turtle can’t steer & I’m trying to guide the car by shifting my weight on the roof.  We’re going to crash for sure.  The turtle couldn’t have stolen this car if it was a stick shift.

I’m in a 15′ x 10′ recording studio with five other guys to record an experimental praise record.  By the time the seventh guy gets in & sets up some of the other guys are ready to go home without a note being played.

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