Down Time & Dreams

So today was a day off & it was super productive.  I got the Yellow6 & Carl Kruger 5 in 5 EPs up (waiting to hear back from the both of them before starting the promo push) after having finished the press releases & volume adjustments on the audio & digital booklets.  Pretty stoked about that.  I also talked to Jamie Barnes & he’s hoping to start recording some stuff for his 5 in 5 EP soon.  A lot more things still to work on, but I’m pretty excited about having a good day.  Especially given that today is the second anniversary of my grandmother’s death & I’m fighting off collapsing on the floor.  Sometimes being in the presence of other people can keep you from having a nervous breakdown.

Last Night’s Dreams:
A girl I’m dating says to me, “You’re so secretive & mysterious lately.  I’m not even sure I know you at all.  I’m not even sure if you’re a good guy anymore.”

I’m taking a shower drunk & shaving.  I mess up my beard so much that I have to shave the whole thing off & afterwards nobody recognizes me.

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One Response to Down Time & Dreams

  1. Peter says:

    I found the beard and put it on.