Don’t Call it a Come Back

Alright, my computer is back online in a semi-functional state (hard drive problem, which probably means it will crash again in the next week or two, but I’m getting a replacement drive so things should be better than ever after that).

A lot of things happened in my time away from the internet/blog.  So I’ll try to skip to some highlights:

Michael Gira (Angels of Light/Swans) has a new demos album available.  I think I preferred his last two demo albums to the actual albums, so you might want to check it out as it’s limited to 1000 for sale to finance recording of the album.

I wrote Worms #6′s first draft.

I wrote Marked #2′s first draft.

Got out the royalty checks to the artists on Silber.

Fixed my computer on my own.

A lot of stuff to do as I’m now officially a week behind on getting ready for the Carta & Aarktica releases (which means the press kits aren’t finished & I haven’t done my second wave of solicitations to stores & distros).

A bunch of new reviews came out recently.  Including an Aarktica one from Side-Line that for some reason was picked up by USA Today as a band you’d like if you like U2.

Got about 60-70 emails I need to answer (I answered the non-in-depth ones already).

Melissa Gardner says XO #6′s artwork is done.  Looking forward to it coming out so I can write the next issue as I have had some things happen lately that gave me ideas for new issues.

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