Doing Things

Hey, still alive here.  Still slowly doing things.  Last week I unveiled the Remora music box set & people liked it.  I suppose eventually I’ll record some stuff.  There’s some videos on YouTube.  I’ll post them here in the blog at some point.

Got a couple panels more done on a comic that’s been almost done since June.  Like everything else I need to just put forth an effort to get it done.

In a similar level of needing to get it done are three 5in5 EPs that need press releases & then about 9 other releases that need some love that I am the only one holding back.

Doing a little more work towards getting the big Remora twenty year anniversary release to happen.  Who expected I’d be doing stuff this long.  It’s crazy to me.  Especially that I haven’t gotten much better over two decades!

So yesterday I ate a chicken sandwich that was fried in peanut oil (remember about ten year ago when they approved GMO peanuts & I developed an allergy & lost 20 pounds in a month?) & I have occasionally had something with peanut oil in it over the years by accident & it just made me need to rush to the bathroom, but yesterday was a little bit scarier.  Typical bathroom rush, but my lips & tongue were clearly swollen & it was a bit difficult to breathe.  I took some antihistamines & it seemed to calm down after an hour, but I think maybe I need to go to a doctor & get an epipen or whatever.  I think it really becomes more clear every day that I don’t have what it takes to be a touring musician anymore.  Goodbye past life.

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