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Usually I try to keep things on here upbeat (which is funny with how down things seem on the blog), but I want to mention something that’s messing with me.  So over the past couple of months I’ve given out close to 200 order form flyers for my mini-comics when people have bought them.  It’s a check list with all 63 books on it (or 60 books on the slightly older ones) & no one has responded with an order mailed in for anything.  I mean, it’s great to sell a couple thousand books on Kickstarter & a couple hundred at conventions; but people not asking for more makes me feel like people are excited about them until they actually read them.  Which isn’t an awesome feeling.  Have they been getting worse?

In other comic news, I got the layouts done for Pow Wow #2 & #3 & sent them to ED to draw.

A new release available for free stream or download.  Promute’s Drone of the Norns.  Please spread the word about it.  & of course if you dig it, feel free to donate a couple dollars.

Stumbled across this kinda bleak & depressing but pretty awesome short film.  It’s called Zero.

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2 Responses to Disconcerting Comics, Pow Wow, Promute, Zero

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    can’t really watch the video but it reminded me.. did you ever see Nine (the animated end of the world movie)?