Design, QRD, XLK, Future Phones

So my solve for the Pagemaker problem is InDesign, which doesn’t honor kerning adjustments in Pagemaker.  At least I can do what I need to do.  There is a learning curve on it of course.

More research done on soliciting for QRD advertisers.  I realize the 100 I want to get is a hard goal.  If I get 10 for the first issue of the relaunch I guess I’ll be happy?  It seems possible.

Assembled some more mini-comics getting ready for the promo mailing.  Way to many issues at once this time.  I should’ve assembled them as they were prepared.

I got an email form Nick Marino about the XLK script.  He wants me to write the gags as well as the weird black-ops story line.  I was hoping he’d do that part!  So that slows that script down.

I finished up my current wave of MySpace promotions.  It’ll be time to get going on the next wave soon.

I realized recently that part of the decline of MySpace & rise of Facebook has to do with blocking at work places.  I think the social community that is going to be the next big thing will be one designed to really work well with cell phones (meaning look decent & easy to navigate on tiny screens) because it won’t have the work blocking problem.  According to folks smarter than me in ten years phones will replace PCs for most web use.  Which is an interesting idea.  Does anyone make a phone yet that could be hooked up to a full size monitor &/or keyboard?

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