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I’m watching Dead Set (zombie movie built around the Big Brother tv show) & it is really starting slow.  I think it’s five parts, not sure if I’ll watch more than part one.

Did some work on the Thorn1 release.

Did some work on the record with me & Andrew.

Scanned in a couple more silberspy photos for the random generators in the banner of the Silber site.

Last Night’s Dream:
Listening to a song in the car.  A girl singer that sounds a bit like Soiuxsie Sioux or Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) & the hook line is either “S is for shake, down to the core” or “S is for sex, L is for love.” (Anyone know if this is an actual song?)

I’m working at Michael’s Arts & Crafts (I used to in 1997-1998) & I have to climb up a ladder to get something for a customer.  After that it’s time to set the fall flower plan-o-gram.

My nephew’s toy AT-AT (which used to be my toy AT-AT (& when did they change it from being pronounced “at at” to “Ay Tee Ay Tee”?)) & it now has an ability to split into multiple ships.

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