CTV, QRD, Irata, Broken Back

I ran some help promoting Cerebus TV today.  Partly because in a week or two I’m going to be on it.

Did some more researching on potential advertisers for QRD & sent out a hundred more emails to small labels.  I’m really disconcerted by the lack of ads from indie labels I’ve seen on any of the major music sites.  Or ads about music at all.  The more I look through music sites, the more ads I see for cell phones.  & as much as I’d like QRD to make money, I don’t have any particular interest in having the majority of ad content not about music.

Irata sent me a file from when they hire a promotions company to handle radio for them.  Of the 300 radio stations they were sent to, there were about 50 new ones I need to get contact info for, all the rest were already in my data base.

Somehow I hurt my back.  It hurts in such a way that my feet feel numb, like they’re asleep.  I’m under the impression that isn’t normal.

Jason Young (Veggie Dog Saturn, GutterTrash) said he’d try out drawing my nephew’s Star Wars fan fiction comic.  If it comes together, it’ll be the kind of thing that either makes my nephew cool or the ultimate geek.

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