Feeling pretty down right now as I thought the new cat pins would be a huge hit & while they got tweeted about by Low & Tumblred about by Jessica Bailiff not to mention my normal postings, I got zero sales.  Kinda frustrating.  I also put up a couple super discounted sales & posted about them on Facebook & Twitter to no response.  In addition things have gotten rough between me & Karla (probably irreparable) & I haven’t been able to eat or sleep properly for several days.  Meanwhile I need to try to get my taxes done (both quarterly & the annual ones gotta pay a bit on both) & figure out how I’m going to run my table at SPACE in a couple weeks & how I’m going to be getting back from there (the drive home through the mountains at night can be brutal & sometimes I stop along the way).  I don’t know.  There’s things that would be positive otherwise (a couple Remora shows, a confirmed appearance at Maker Faire NC), but as it is I’m seeing everything as fairly fucked up & I just want to walk away from my life & be completely erased; I’m just fucking tired.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m in the backseat of a car & Karla’s driving with her new professional wrestler boyfriend with a hand on her knee.  She almost flips the car over taking a turn too fast & then the mall security cops in golf carts are chasing after us.

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