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Today I wrote up a Kickstarter campaign for trying to raise funds to print up all the comics & sell as big bundles.  We’ll see if they approve it (my bottle opener keychain campaign about a year ago wasn’t approved).  In the past month I’ve seen a couple friends get funding & some not get funding.  It seems like most of the folks I know that ran successful projects were running ones that weren’t asking for a lot of money, it seems like $500 is where you generally get funds (which means 50 people paying $10 or 10 people paying $50) & that people going for the $2000 price point (which is what it costs to get a CD professionally manufactured & run some promotions on it) are less likely to get the funds.  I kinda feel like the whole thing is a bunch of crap, but it seems to build excitement in a way that gets people to spend money & I can’t complain if money comes in.

In other comics news, I finally finished drawing the second issue of Vigilant (still need to scan it in & lay it out) & I spent a couple hours assembling some comics.

I also watched The Carpetbaggers & reviewed it for Finally Checking It Out including a full stream of the movie.  The Carpetbaggers is the book/movie that Nevada Smith is a prequel to.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Arms come out from the control panel of the dashboard & pull the steering wheel to guide the car off of the bridge & into the river. I’m still holding onto the steering wheel as the car starts to sink & the hands grab my wrists. The hands look familiar. They’re definitely a women’s hands, but I can’t quite place them. The hands don’t feel cold, they don’t feel malignant, they don’t even seem forceful. They almost seem loving & lonely.

I’m fighting a demon & I don’t have the weapons to kill it.  I do, mostly by luck, manage to knock it unconscious.  I cut out its eyes, ears, & tongue & mail them out to foreign countries.  Hopefully it’ll give the demon trouble tracking me down to kick my ass.

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  1. kickstarter is a good way for pre-sales probably. it’s how i like to think of it.

    • Yeah, it’s weird to me how people are excited about helping on Kickstarter in a way they wouldn’t be about pre-sales. I do think it’s an interesting idea for me personally where I could do something in the future where I would maybe use it to decide if a CD should have a physical version or not. If I generate $1000 (basically 100 pre-sales) then there will be a CD & if not it will be digital only. I haven’t done this yet, but I think it might be what I start doing.