Comics & Dreams (now featuring Nevada Smith?)

Got the layout done for Extreme Lost Kisses (drawn by Nick Marino) & printed a test batch.

Wrote another draft for the following comics: Monthly, Pow Wow, Glamourkisses.

Did some minor edits as requested by some of the bands on the 30 second comp.

Not sure where the whole day slipped away to.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Every cactus I ever had is alive in a little garden in a little sun room in a house where I seem to be all alone.  Am I alive?  Is this heaven?

I’ve made a short film inspired by my love of Nevada Smith.  We’re going to watch it at a church youth group thing after the church portion has finished.  The group is led by the guy who played Professor Z in Blake Holesy High & he’s explaining how he can appear to be gay buy be absolutely not gay.  Professor Z thinks I’m mocking him because when he is reading from Psalms I am listening intently instead of reading along in my own Bible.  Finally the time for the movie comes.  It is done in the Lego animation style in some scenes & in a french cartooning style (reminiscent of early Heavy Metal Magazine) in others.  There’s an airport scene where Nevada has been injured & is lying on his back aiming a missile launcher at the air traffic control tower about 50 yards from him & he has a walkie talkie & says to the tower, “I’m accurate from a mile.”  He shoots the missile & presumably this somehow saves the day.  Late Nevada is in some kind of brothel.  One of the other men kills a girl & she is relatively instantly replaced by another woman dropped in by a tube like the ones that suck up the container at the bank drive thru.  Nevada recognizes her as a celebrity & says to a man standing next to him, “Isn’t that…?”  “Of course  it is.  Any woman can end up here at any time.  They’ll just take a soft drug like cocaine or heroin & forget who they were & what they are now.”

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