Comics & Dreams

I ended up doing an interview with Jason Young on the radio last night on WYSO.  I think there is supposed to be a way to listen to it online if you go over to their website, but I couldn’t find it today so I’ll post the link in a couple days.

I wrote a little Remora demo called “songs for a woman.”  Strangely not as twisted or condescending or angry as most of my love songs.

I got the layout done for XO & sent over to Melissa.  We’ll see how long it takes for the issue to come out.

I bought about 40 discount bin comics.  We’ll see when I actually find time to read them.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I let my hair grow out.  After three days it’s a thick black mess thicker than my hair was when I was young & the texture is different than it used to be.  I can’t tell if the hair is fake or I am.

I’m on a camping trip & there’s a storm blowing a friend’s tent over & she starts yelling out, “I confess!  I killed the cat!  It didn’t run away!  I accidentally shot it with a gun!”  Everyone stops trying to help her.

I’m standing on a pier with someone, I’m not even sure who, & I emit a loud monstrous noise that sounds like a whale call, easily heard over the crash of the ocean.

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  1. Nick says:

    good song