Comics & Dreams

Yesterday I showed at Genghis Con in Cleveland.  Did pretty good on sales.  Met some potential future collaborators.  I was a little let down that none of my dozen Cleveland friends came in, but so it goes.

Trying to get some comics done.  Taking longer than expected as always.  Frustrated with myself sometimes….

Last Night’s Dreams:
I go to church with my mother.  After walking through the communion line, I find myself walking off to sit alone in an empty pew rather than going back to sit with my mother.

My biological father keeps sending me text messages grilling me for information about my new girlfriend.  I don’t have answers for any of his questions.  He keeps  asking things like why is her favorite color her favorite color.

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One Response to Comics & Dreams

  1. the girl says:

    red, because it is the color of passion. and also, growing up as a redhead, my mother would never let me wear red “because it clashed”… so perhaps its also a subconscious rebellion?