Comics are Comicy

I got the digital comics up.  Go to our new comics page to order physicals or follow the links to download digital versions.  This also means I did the hundred emails for the digital promo & sent out the 60 follow-up emails for the physical promos sent out.  Which means the next couple of days will be a lot of just answering emails.  It’s kinda nice as email contact seems to be lower lately.

Designed a couple flyers for some of the upcoming shows.  Hoping things work well for the shows next week.  Still trying to squeeze in some extra NC shows for July 27 & 30 as well as August 3, 6, 7, & 8 if anyone knows any place that would take stuff on such short notice.

I got in the artwork for Just A Man #2!  I have only just started the promo for issue #1.  Still it’s good to be ahead of things instead of behind.

I’m thinking about reworking my pedal board for my upcoming shows.  A second looper & a different reverb unit, maybe a second envelope filter.  We’ll see.

For those of you interested, Chris Olley (of Six by Seven) has a MySpace page for his new solo project here.

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