Clang Quartet, Rollerball, Dreams

So I got this new machine & trying to get my software on here & running is a bigger headache than I anticipated.  All I need to get some work done is to get my emailing software to work & for some reason it’s not happening & tech support doesn’t seem to want to get back to me since I revealed I already followed the directions in their FAQ.

Clang Quartet has up a little video form a recent New York show you can check out over here.

In other free stuff you can listen to news, Rollerball has a live show you can listen to over here.

Recent Dreams:
There’s one of those Russian elevators the size of a broom closet & I’m carrying my grandmother & trying to get her to squinch up so I can get us to fit in.

I have a diagram showing a series of colored circles involving where all the hornets within two miles of my house & I’m walking around stomping on them with my shoes.

Marvel Comics hires me to write a sequel to Atlantis Attacks (summer crossover event from the 1980s) starring Ghost Rider & Bucky.  WTF?

I have more severe autism than I actually have & so I’m a ward of the state.  The state is paying for me to take driver’s education, but the company is actually a front for three folks who rob stores in strip malls & I become part of their crew.

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