Clang Quartet EP, Sarah June EP, Goddakk, Remora, Lost Kisses, Bad Contracts

So I finished writing the press kit for Clang Quartet: Ava, just got to lay that out & bundle everything together & then put it online.  Which I’m sure will take me a lot longer than I think as it always does.  But hopefully in time for the shows Friday & Saturday nights.

I got the approval for the track order & artwork for the Sarah June: Under Black Robes Remix EP.  So I just need to write up the press release & lay that out & bundle & get it up online.

I got in the Goddakk files to run some mastering on.  We’ll see how fast that goes.

Last night I actually practiced for the Remora show.  Sometimes I really think I should never perform songs live as they are a lot less interesting to me than the pieces, but I’m not sure if the audience feels the same way.  Maybe the 50-50 mix I usually give is about right?

I finally finished the first draft for the Lost Kisses about time travel.  As Lost Kisses #11 turned into Ultimate Lost Kisses #11, I’m thinking about numbering this one #21 & keeping ULK as #11-#21 (it’s a ten issue story arc about the woman, each issue depicts a life changing moment in her life more or less in order of a certain logic of events rather than chronology, issue #12 is about her deciding to give her son up for adoption & issue #13 is about a boyfriend from issue #12 & I’m not sure exactly what happens in between, but #20 either ends with her son being saved or committing suicide (the end varies based on how I feel that day)).  Confusing stuff for the reader today, but not in the long haul.

So my son Andrew was having his record coming out on a small label & it’s been in negotiation a few months, but now the release date has been set & everything.  So the label says, “Oh, we forgot to sign a contract!”  They send him a contract asking him to pay them $1400 towards the release for 200!  WTF?  Talk about bait & switch.  Now I can understand a label needing to operate like that on a release they don’t know how well they can sell, but that should be mentioned on day one; not six weeks before the street date.  So who knows what’s going to happen with it.  I told him not to work with them if he was to pay more than $300 for the 200 copies as it doesn’t look like they do much promo either.  At which point, what’s the advantage of them putting out a release?  I don’t know.  I don’t claim that Silber is the best label going or anything, but when I hear stories about other labels I feel better all the time.  Really, I think if Silber was raised to the point where I could guarantee selling 1000-3000 copies of a release I might be willing to say it was the best label going.  But I like to think most label owners would be willing to say that about themselves….

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