Checks & Blocks

So I finished up adjusting my book keeping paperwork to roll for 2009 & did the paperwork for artists owed royalties (no real surprises that the two owed enough to send out are Sparhawk & Lycia, but Goddakk just made it in the black for $1.63!).  I also filled the quarterly paperwork for the state.  Fourth quarter 2008 was better than the third quarter, but with the new releases there was a lot more overhead as well.

I got a note from the bank saying they were going to stop giving me interest on my savings account because I have too many transactions in it a month (which is funny because it seems like one transfer & a dozen deposits is what they’d like).

I’m really running into blocks on drawing the new Lost Kisses stuff.  I’m not sure what to do about it.  Do I put out total hack issues?  Really aren’t they all total hack issues except #2 & #6?  I guess it means I should start working on my music for a while & hope it recharges me.  I know the real problem is caused by some drama in my real life, but who wants to deal with that crap?

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