Catching up

So I finished most of the layout for Worms #2, but I forgot when I did the panel layout to ask for a cover – so I’m waiting for the cover to make it finished.

Printed some of the mini-comics out on card stock to use for display at shows.  They are a bit difficult to display after all.

Made out the little descriptions for the paintings & made a little file so I’ll have an easier time doing it from here on out.  But I guess even doing it again is more contingent on sales than on anything else.

I haven’t done some of the Silber paperwork for filled orders in about a month & I’m looking for some fancy footwork to keep things right for not needing to pay too much about taxes.  The mileage for this trip to Myrtle Beach should help it a bit.  Hopefully being out of the house will actually help me get a bit more free time to work on certain things.  We’ll see….


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