Car, Wheelchair, Rollerball, Dream

I only got an hour of sleep last night, so my day was mostly a haze.

I got the follow-up emails on the new releases out.  Just have to wait & see if anyone responds as far as getting on more radio stations & more reviews.

I think I managed to fenagle my car to a point where the engine will pass inspection.  I’ll find out tomorrow.

My sister found a sport wheelchair for my grandmother at a thrift store (the things normally cost about $2500), but it ended up I needed to do some mods to it to get the place where you put your feet the right length & I used copper pipe to do it so now it looks like a steampunk wheelchair or something.

Here’s a video of a recent live show from Rollerball:

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m trying to calm my grandmother down so she can get to sleep when I hear a noise in the kitchen.  I look in & see the face of an animal which I first think is a raccoon, but then realize is a baby panda.  When I walk into the kitchen I see a second baby panda & an adult panda in the dining room.

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2 Responses to Car, Wheelchair, Rollerball, Dream

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    are these pandas sitting at the table or are they doign normal panda activities?