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I laid out a bunch of stuff for some new button sets today.  I’m going to need to get on the ball with making them available to order on the Silber site & putting them up on Ebay & Etsy as discovery engines.

I finally sent out the outstanding invoices to all my distros.  I kinda hate doing it because I always fear them just saying they aren’t going to pick up anything else from the catalog because my sales are too low.  But it’s at a point where the outstanding to distributors is nearing a year’s income here at Silber, so I guess I need to get a little bit tougher about it.  I also solicited to the distros for picking up the Electric Bird Noise album, which meant telling the internationals that my price has gone up by $5 a disc because that’s how much shipping has increased & pretty much just saying no to international consignments from here on out because of the increase in shipping prices.

I’m going to try to get a bunch of stuff done this week for writing press releases for the 5 in 5 series.  I have 9 EPs here & over the weekend I got five more promised to be delivered soon (Peter Aldrich, Sarah June, Ben Link Collins, & Azalia Snail’s new project LoveyDove).

You may have noticed that over the weekend I posted the charts for February.  One thing that is pretty crazy that the charts I posted didn’t show is that February had less visitors than any of the past three months despite sending out a newsletter & having the new releases & having two new issues of QRD.  I know that I did have some weird things happen with mailing out some of the newsletters & it makes me wonder if they didn’t go out since there wasn’t a spike in traffic.  So I’m going to try to get some enough content together in the next couple of weeks to justify mailing out another newsletter in a couple weeks.

I talked to Nic Slaton (slicnaton) today & the album he’s been working on for almost a year is getting pretty close to being finished.  It looks like it will be coming out on Silber, so I’m pretty stoked about it.

From Oceans to Autumn‘s new EP that’s a sequel to their 5 in 5 EP is about to come out.  You can check out the first track through Bandcamp.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m walking along the strip at Myrtle Beach & a dude who may or may not be homeless is asking people in the parking lot of a beachwear store if the know where he can get a totally flat skateboard, one without kick flips on either end.

I’m driving somewhere with Karla & my fuel gage is on empty.  The car gets so low on gas it starts making a bunch of crazy warning beeps (I didn’t even know cars did that) & I shift into neutral to coast into a gas station.  Karla says, “You’re such a wuss, we totally had enough gas to get there.”

I’m driving with my grandmother in her hometown, trying to give her a last chance to visit her friends.  But her mind is gone enough that not only can she not remember where anyone lives, she can’t even remember having had friends at all.  I tell her that she has to remember, that I won’t have a chance to take her up here again & her only response is that she starts crying.

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