Bleak & Upbeat

Spent the day getting things ready for doing my taxes so I could judge if I should try to put a few things on this side of the end of the year or wait until next year.  I knew the money hadn’t been so great the past nine months or so, but they’re a little worse than even I thought when I added in a lot of the expenses that I only put in at the end of the year (Google Adwords fees, domain registration, web hosting).  I feel it’s strange to be at the point where two of the worst quarters of the past five years are in the same year, but at least I can blame it on the economy instead of my incompetence.  So at least that makes me feel like things are going to better next year than this year.  Also I have come to the realization I need to do a bit more with diversifying sources of income.  So next year I want to do a bit more with supporting the label through my own work doing promotions & mastering for bands not on the label.  Also I’m thinking about opening a digital store that I host & possibly having non-Silber content that I like on it.  & people keep saying I should make some Lost Kisses t-shirts & such via Cafe Press or whatever & maybe they’re right.  We’ll see what happens.  I just feel bad that the few royalty checks for this quarter going out to artists are so tiny.  I guess if the $13,000 I’m owed from various distributors came in I’d have nothing to complain about & I’d be ecstatic with a third of that.

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