Being one with the paper cutter

I hate it when it erases my entry & I need to re-write it.

So I’ve spent what seems like half the day fighting with my Brother HL-5040 Laser Printer trying to convince it to print out the copies of XO for Melissa to sling at the convention in Madison.  The machine is really great for the money, but probably not designed to run a few thousand prints on the cheapest 8.5×11 paper money can buy every month.  Now I’m still working ..ting, folding, stapling, & bagging said issues.  Not really looking forward to making the promo copies of XO & Lost Kisses to mail out next week as I forgot how labor intensive this is.

Laid down to bass parts for the new Remora record.  We’ll see if they get used in the end.

Talked to PD Wilder about the things I need for getting the Hotel Hotel press release ready.  I really need to get that & the one for Northern Valentine done & start soliciting distros & stores.

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