Back to Work… oh & Tron & Prometheus & dreams

I know I went a few days without posting anything, but I went out of town for a show & felt I could use a break from the internet.  So here come the updates from the past several days.

I guess first off is that I saw the new cartoon Tron: Uprising (which you can watch online here) while assembling some comics & that inspired me to watch Tron & review it for Finally Checking It Out.  The cartoon is way better than the movie to me.  I guess the cartoon has to be good for me to bother to watch a movie I’ve been semi-actively avoiding for thirty years.

So driving down to Myrtle Beach, there is what I assume was a farmer burning his fields.  Far be it from me to actually stop my car for a decent photo, so I took this crappy one while driving that just shows the plume of smoke in the distance.

The show down at Myrtle Beach went pretty well.  Always great to see Clang Quartet.  My Remora set I feel was a little sub-par, but I feel like I’ve raised my bottom bar a bit the past year or so & I guess I should be satisfied by it.  The Electric Bird Noise set was the orchestration style he occasionally has been doing like he released for Live at The Basement & having Scotty Irving (Clang Quartet) as the lynchpin on drums was pretty great.

Sunday morning I wrote the first drafts for Pow Wow #2 & #3 (it’s a two-part story that issue one (which I feel is solid in its own right) was a set-up for & is maybe the most action oriented thing I’ve written).  We’ll see how long it is before I get them ready for ED & then how long until they are ready for print.

Sunday afternoon I went to see Prometheus (the Alien prequel) & it was okay.  It’s been a while since I watched a movie without doing another activity or as something to do with my nieces or nephew, so maybe I just don’t know how to watch a movie without getting antsy or whatever.  Anyway, it was only playing in 3D & I’m not interested in the 3D stuff I’ve seen before & this one had the same thing where the only time I noticed the 3D it took me out of the movie instead of making me think it was cool, but that’s just my personal thing.  This is not as good as Alien & it has plenty of flaws (including that somehow Charlize Theron looks like a bad actress in this (her character is pretty inconsistent), but she’s not really a major character) & I have a personal pet peeve with how they show deep space sleep in movies (people in their underwear doesn’t make sense, either make them naked or make them where some kind of scuba suit or let them where regular clothes).  It’s interesting that it’s a prequel to Alien, because it also feels like a launching point to a new sci-fi franchise of its own that I’d be willing to watch as it brings up more questions than answers.  I think the previous 4 Alien films are all pretty good & this could definitely be put in that box set rather than with the Alien versus Predator movies (which this may show as non-canonical if you want to get technical about it (& I’d also like to mention the first AVP film isn’t really that bad compared to the second one)).  In the end I guess I’d have to recommend this to any sci-fi fans to watch & make up their own minds on.  I do like that the movie feels like a starting point for conversation rather than beating anyone over the head with social commentary.

Back at home I printed up the rest of the comics I’ll need for Maker Faire NC this weekend (still need to cut & assemble) & assembled the little paper boxes for my puzzle boxes to go in.

Recent Dreams:
I’m visiting my great aunt (who I guess actually died 5 years ago) & she’s moved her apartment from the fifth floor to the basement to save some money.  She tells me that my grandmother’s favorite song is “Carolina Sunshine” by Pee Paw (or maybe I have the song & band names reversed).  I fall down on my knees & ask her if there’s anything I can do to help her & start crying.

I’m visiting Bethlehem, Pennsylvania & it seems like every block or so I cross a street to technically be in a different city.  I go into some woods behind a building & follow a rusting out pipe that comes from the old steel mill that I can see the decaying towers of miles in the distance.

I’m in Prague in a cheap apartment with a 10 inch TV watching the french version of Robotech.  Somehow it’s jammed together so that Minmae is on the Southern Cross/Masters part of the series & the Macross segment doesn’t exist at all.

A friend of mine is on tour managing his merch booth.  Someone waiting in line to buy something gets to the front & says he doesn’t want to buy anything because he just downloads all the stuff, but just wants him to know he loves the music.  My buddy who I think of as exceptionally calm just loses his shit & starts swearing at the guy saying if the music meant anything to him then he’d buy something instead of wasting his time.

I meet the queen of England & she’s explaining the enormous amounts of responsibility that she feels for her subjects safety & security.  She also tells me that she co-wrote the lyrics for the Nuclear Assault song “The Plague.”

I’m in a book store that’s getting shut down because the part of town it’s in has gentrified & it can’t afford the new rent rates.  I’m reading an auto-biography of an artist whose work reminds me of Kay Sage but is more fluid & wet looking with semi-metallic colors.  I wish I had money to buy it & space in my house to keep it.

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