So today was doing some stuff for the art show in Myrtle Beach this Saturday (I need to get the info about it so I can post it on this page).  I got six paintings done & one half done.  Just twelve to go.  Not sure if that magic number of twelve is really going to happen.

A distributor requested my bank routing information, sounds mysteriously like I might get a payment.  So that’s always nice.

I finished the first pass at the Heller Mason remix.  If he digs it I’ll have to re-work it a little.  When you do really minimalist remixes (in this case it is just vocals, glockenspiel, droning organ, & a two note bass line I added) the gasps for air between lines become a lot more audible.  So I’m going to edit those out if the remix is going to be really presentable, but why waste an hour if it’s not going to be used anywhere anyway.

Worked a little on the interview from fans thing for QRD.  I was told I come across as bitter.  I’d like to state for the record that I am blessed & aware of it.  I have ten fingers, ten toes, two working eyes & ears, I really don’t have anything to complain about ever & I apologize that it often comes off that I’m complaining about things in life.

Here’s a joke from a while ago that I think is funny:
Friend: “My wife says that you’re only problem is you need a good woman.  If you find a good woman, you’ll be happy.”
Me: “I hear the same thing about your wife.”

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