Altered Banner, Your ideas?

Hard to get things done sometimes.

Made a slightly altered banner (colorful squares replaced with silber album covers) – – let me know if you like it better than the current version.

Made a page for the 30 second comp on as I know a lot of people do dig & trust that sight.

Talked to Ben Collins a bit about the new review blog I want to do.  Still trying to come up with a good name for it.  Reviews of things at least 5 years old that you haven’t check out in a year or more (music, movies, books, comics).  Let me know if you have suggestions.

Trying to come up with a title for the new Remora album.  The working title was “Hurtless,” but I’ve gotten a couple people telling me, “oh that’s a Nine Inch Nails reference?” (it’s not) so I’m not sure about using it.  A couple other ideas are “my blood won’t spill” & “send on your legions” (both lyrical references to “My Brother’s Guns & Knives”) & I was also possibly thinking of “risen” since it is the first real album in quite sometime.  Let me know your pick….

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