A Little Bit Whiny

So on the bottle openers, the good ones still end up $1 a piece if I order 300.  I just can’t justify it right now.  I’d rather spend $300 getting 100 shirts to give away.

So my dad just has his computer no longer acting right.  He’s had it for two years & it had no antivirus, no anti-spyware, no firewall, & he’s been connecting to random networks.  Kinda funny to think that since he’s worked with computers from the punch card days until he retired two years ago & didn’t know to do this.  I ended up yanking the hard drive & am scanning it for viruses from my machine because I couldn’t get internet explorer to work properly to download Grisoft & ZoneAlarm.

Got this week’s wave of follow-up done for the new releases.  There seem to be some interviews with Sarah June getting set up, so that’s a plus.

New problems with the digital shop getting set up because of some problem with the PHP on my web server.  Maybe it’ll get fixed tomorrow.  Or maybe the digital download shop isn’t meant to be, in which case what am I supposed to do to start a deluge of Silber products?

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