A Dash of Southern Pride

Getting some things going here in Silberia today.

Comics – first drafts of REH #10, REH – Another Life #1, & a random future issue of XO.

Music – Finished mastering the M is We record & sent to Michael for approval, got approval from Michael for an M is We remix kit (awaiting tracks), finished artwork for Philip Polk Palmer disc & delivered to Philip, got in raw tracks for Palmer remix kit (need to assemble), still running into some minor snafus with The Infant Cycle release (but it may be finished soon), shipped 50 Remora CDs as a giveaway for a friend’s movie night.

QRD – emailed the 60 previous contributors to the Father’s Day interview series about the ebook & kickstarter asking for one paragraph updates (received maybe 10 responses so far), received another interview in for the upcoming issue & proofed it, arranged an interview about the ebook on a podcast for Friday, did an email interview about the ebook that went up an hour later.

Wrote three dreams down in my dream diary.

This is how much work I should be doing every single day.  What is wrong with me?

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