5 in 5, Baptizer, Feel No Other

Another entry in our EP series, 5 songs in 5 minutes from Baptizer of guitar noise.  Free to stream a dollar to support.

And yet another five minute EP, Electric Bird Noise side project Feel No Other doing cinematic & epic one minute songs.

I tried to work on recording the Silber podcast thing today.  I don’t think I can make it happen.  It seemed boring & self-indulgent.  I think most of the things I have to say, I’ve probably said before at times where my memories of them were stronger in various interviews.  I probably really would need a co-host to prod me on about what was going on & for comic relief.  As it is, I just don’t see it as anything people would have an interest in.  So the good news is, that’s one thing off my to do list before trying to take a hiatus.

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One Response to 5 in 5, Baptizer, Feel No Other

  1. Peter says:

    Comic relief? Yeeeeaaaaahhh Booooyyy!