30 Seconds, Demo Stream, Teen Socialization, Nephew’s Dream

Okay, the 30 second comp is finished for mastering.  Still have to do all the uploading & MP3 conversions & artwork adjustments & such.  But it’s close to becoming available.

I’ve been thinking about making a demo page on the Silber site with demos of a release streaming.  I don’t know if anyone would really care, but it sounds like something that six or seven people might find fun.

Talked with Ben Collins & he had a couple questions to add to the label owners series.

Talked with Kirk Adam a bit about maybe doing some more helping with the Ava Gardner Independent Film Festival next year.  We’ll see what happens.

I spent the majority of the day working on an article about changes in music as a center for socialization in youth.  I’m not sure who if anyone will be interested in it.  I’ll probably have a link up for you tomorrow.  I’m planning on trying out that Suite101 site that is supposed to pay you for articles with it.  We’ll see if I make it to earn five dollars on that site.

My Nephew’s Dream from Last Night:
“I’m in a dark room with a lot of doors.  Each door leads into someone’s house.  Somebody is coming to close & lock all the doors.”
Wow, this one totally could’ve been my dream.  The clear feeling of being trapped & the general paranoia & lack of control doesn’t seem like it is something for a ten year old.

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