30 Seconds, Blogging Failure, Dreams (Dr Who content)

Made the pdf booklet for 30 Seconds of Time (official title).  Talked to Ben & he’s going to be working on the press release.  This time more than ever I’m really pushing him in the “my internship program is about getting you ready to run your own label” territory.  It’s actually kind of hard for me let go of control enough to let it happen, so it’s a big plus for my growth as well.

I got denied from joining this paying blogging content community saying my writing isn’t good enough.  Wow.  I didn’t see that coming.  Biggest insult to my writing in seventeen years (the comment back then was “after very careful consideration we have found no use for your writing” from New Directions).

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m having an argument with my father about the thermostat settings.
Me: “It gets cold at night & seventy is reasonable.  We have a 95 year old woman living in the house.”
Him: “You’re always exaggerating! She’s only 94!  It’s not your money paying for the heat.”
Me: “I need to stop talking to you before I say something that I don’t want you to hear.”
I walk away & the thing I wanted to say is “Wait & see if I’ll take care of you in 30 years” & the more I think about it, the more I remember that my father always wished I’d never been born.

I’m watching an episode of Dr. Who.  It’s some sort of Halloween episode & they are in a basement that has blood smeared on walls.  It’s also one of those episodes where all the little puzzle pieces from the whole season are revealed to fit together.  There’s a portion of the basement that is unfinished & in it the doctor finds a massive piece of cast plaster that is an image of a mechanical man & is signed Stravinsky.  The Doctor calls it “the original Iron Man” & makes the joke “You can’t believe Iron Man was originated by Stan Lee or Ozzy Osborne.”  & as he is wiping the dirt out of the image he finds the face is his & he says, “All this time.  Time.  I’m a clockwork….” He pulls off a hand revealing that he is in fact a machine.  I’m not sure if it is exclusively this incarnation of the Doctor that is a machine or if they always have been & if the all Time Lords are mechanical (which would make their rivalry with the Daleks & Cybermen all the more appropriate).

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