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So I think the first draft of my dream diary book is completed.  I still need a title for it if anyone has any ideas.

Last Night’s Dreams:
Pope Francis steps down.  The new pope is Charles Brown from Ireland.  …

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    funny about your dream cuz when i was in HS in D-land, some new kid bragged about being a surfer, even had the frosty dumb hair and then we find out he’s from michigan. maybe you dreamt of him.

Breaking Stuff

So a while ago I was trying to figure out somethings about how to play with video in a primitive analog way (not using a computer) & I noticed that my Kaosspad had RCA jacks just like the video RCA …

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Mead & Dreams

Making up a test batch of mead to see if my yeast is dead or not as I had some problems getting the last batches to ferment.  I only have enough honey to make two other batches, so I need …

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  1. hi brian says:

    juxtapost the touring dreams with stories of your touring reality.

  2. hi brian says:


Finally Checking It Out: The Moon Maid (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

moon-maidAs a kid I never checked out Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Tarzan just really held no interest for me.  In 2007 my heavy metal co-worker Bruce gave me the John Carter of Mars books to read because he knew I was …

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Finally Checking It Out: Bloodshot #12 (Valiant Comics)

bloodshot12So in the late 1980s I had started abandoning reading mainstream comics & was generally thinning out checking out new books as the indies I was reading started to cease publication.  This is when Valiant hit & I always heard …

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RCB & ENB (short story)

I came back to take care of her.  To protect her.  To love her.  To be her man just like I have always been.  But when I appear in the living room, she simply says, “Get out of here.  You’re …

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Buttons, Beaches, & Dreams

So I’m doing a Kickstarter project again.  This time out I am doing a series of buttons by some of my artist friends.  If it’s successful, I’ll do another series in the near future.  This time out the artists …

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  1. Peter says:

    I dreamed that I went to see U2 and it was boring.


Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m driving on a long trip & my seat is broken so that I’m leaning against the door & almost sitting on the floor & it’s throwing my balance off so that I’m having trouble staying in …

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Podcast Bonanza

So to prove my absolute nerdishness, I appear on not one, but two podcasts in the past few days.

On Gutter Trash episode 236 we talked about the movie Miami Connection & just a bunch of random crap.

On Charlie

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Louisvillle, Dayton, & Dreams

Back in Dayton after spending a few days in Louisville with Arlo & Kelsey & Jamie Barnes as well as appearing at Derby City Comic Con hosted by Chuck Moore of Comic Related.  I’d had a vague hope for …

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