“our story”

I met a girl at a rock show in an art gallery.  She was hot.  She was cute.  She was totally out of my league.  Three months later she contacted me on a dating site & we became friends on Facebook.  She gave me her number & I called & left a voicemail, but she never called me back.  Four months pass & she ends up singing in a friend’s band on a YouTube video he posted of them practicing.  Another month passes & I see her at a bar at a friend’s show, but don’t get up the nerve to talk to her.  Fourteen months go by, she contacts me via Facebook about hanging out & talking about music sometime.  I figure she’s trying to put a band together & it’s about time for me to be in a band again.  She ends up asking me to go to a show that night one town over & agrees to pick me up to go.  We’re drinking beers.  At a point she’s sitting on a barstool next to me & she stretches out her neck & points to it saying, “Here’s my neck if you want to kiss it,” & I decline.  Another guy she’s friends with, one who was in the band with her the night I met her, shows up & I feel like it’s not a date even though she keeps over emphasizing the term “ex-boyfriend” in conversation.There’s an exotic looking beer that I ask the bartender about.  He says he doesn’t know anything about it & starts reading the label & gets to a point where he says, “Zero percent alcohol.”  The girl yells out, “Don’t give him that!” & I end up getting a pilsner.  When the band is playing she has to go to the bathroom & she says to me & her ex-bandmate that whichever one of us gets her another beer wins.  I go & get her another beer, probably at least the seventh for each of us over the night.  Halfway through the set, the ex-bandmate leaves & I find her holding my hand.  A song or two later she’s in front of me, pressing her back against me, holding my hands to wrap my arms around her waist.  The band finishes.  On the way back to the car we stop in an alcove & make out for twenty minutes & then she drives us the thirty minutes back to my house.  We start making out in the car & she asks about going inside, but I don’t want her to see what a mess the house is.  We keep making out & then she asks, “Do you want a one night stand or a relationship?”  I say, “I guess I want a relationship.”  She says, “Why don’t we try both?”

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  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    two things.

    #1) you should set this to music kinda in the Nick Cave’s From Her to Eternity style.
    #2) once when i came back to visit NC after i moved up here, i went to Sadlack’s with jana and i went in to get a beer and I saw something i’ve never seen before so i ordered it and when i went back out to where we were seated, she scolded me and then made me go buy a real beer (actually i think i made her go buy it) because it was an O’douls.