Hong Kong, Homemade Fantasies, Long Drone

Rough day with trying to get work done, so to cheer myself up I bought ten dollars worth of cheap little gadgets from Hong Kong (little lasers & solar toys).  Don’t know what I’ll really do with them if they ever actually arrive.

I’ve been thinking about trying to do some stuff with building my own instruments.  You know like the thing where you get a 12 foot long 2×4 & put a couple piano wires on it.  Except, that thing won’t be able to leave my house….  But also maybe a super primitive guitar or something using springs screwed in to different depths in a piece of wood so they are pitched.  Anybody with a bunch of defective push button pens that wants to mail me the old springs, that would be awesome….

There was a site distributing Aarktica: In Sea without permission that I had to contact about taking it down & it tried to give my computer a virus.  Not too kosher.

Decided I’m going to build some more layers on my long drone piece.  I think maybe six or seven more tracks to it.  Four of room mic manipulation & feedback generation & then one or two of standard guitar & one of copper pipe.  Who knows, maybe I’ll add one of percussion in the end.  Who knows if my computer will be able to mix it….

Going to try to do a little bit of mastering on a couple tracks before falling asleep.

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