Monthly (new comic), Music Supervisors, Pandora, Jango, Gajoob.

I wrote the script (drafts one thru three) for a new mini-comic tentatively called Monthly (don’t worry, it won’t come out that often, might be a one-shot).  Contacted my first pick for an artist for it.  We’ll see if he bites or if it’ll sit around for a year or two without anything happening.  Or maybe both!

Got some work done for getting some music in with more music supervisors.  We’ll see what happens on that.  Always a wait & see prospect.

I finally submitted Vlor for Pandora.  I should hear about that sometime in 2011.

I had a credit for 100 free plays on Jango & used a Remora song off of Mecha.  We’ll see if anything happens.  I probably should’ve gone with something more commercial, but I kinda feel the real test of a service is it’s ability to push non-commercial material.

I also submitted a Remora track for the upcoming comp for Gajoob.

Hoping to get more done on actual music tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

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