Yesterday & Today

So yesterday was a marathon music day for me.  I posted up a couple minor repairs to QRD & then I met my son for lunch to discuss some stuff about our duet record.  Then I went to Ted Johnson’s & we did some guitar jams for about three hours.  Then I went to the three hour practice for this big electric guitar ensemble thing I guess I’m playing in. (Which to be honest, I maybe shouldn’t be playing in, all of the electric guitar ensemble things I’ve heard or seen have been more of a gimmick than something that really utilized the instruments. Which I suppose is because most guitarists have a rock background with limited listening skills & so the guitar ensembles end up being on par with a middle school orchestra instead of something as groundbreaking & amazing as people want it to be.  That said I don’t think this performance will be any worse than anything else even if it does make me slightly sad that it’s nothing you couldn’t accomplish with say 8 people instead of 30.)  It’s been a long time since I had my guitar in my hands that long in a single day & I suppose I should get back in the habit of playing it that much.

Today I put some more varnish on the boxes for the comics, edited a couple more interviews for QRD, & read a Lovecraft story & wrote about it for Nostalgia Equals Distortion.

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3 Responses to Yesterday & Today

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    do you get a solo in this guitar thing? is it like we are the world?