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I taught a couple friends how to make mead last night.  It was fun.  Makes me feel like I have a skill.

I got the layouts completed (except for the digital versions) of Star #2, Built #2, & Lost Kisses September 11 Special.  Still have to draw the rest of Vigilant #2 & the three issues of Lost Kisses that are scripted.

I did a podcast with Nick Marino about my guest week on Super Haters last yer.  It should be up in a day or two & I’ll let you know about it.

Here’s a recent video from mwvm.  The album will be available soon.  Sorry for dropping the ball on the album release date.

I watched this british show that is kind of an adult (meaning plenty of swearing & some nudity) version of that show Heroes.  It’s called Misfits, it’s free streaming on Hulu, if you like the first episode you’ll probably like the series.

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