Remora, QRD, New Releases, Jack Kirby

Did the adjustments for the Remora: Scars Bring Hope art to make the digital booklet.  So I should be getting up the digital version for sale pretty soon.

Packed some of the stuff for the Remora trip/show on Saturday.  I also practiced a bit (rare I know) for the show.  & then Friday night is a full band practice down in Myrtle Beach.

Got out the Azalia Snail & Electric Bird Noise to the distros.  $50 in shipping.  Hopefully the money will come back in fairly soon.  Still have a couple distros I haven’t heard from for getting them out.

I found a vocoder plugin I kinda like for making some robot voice stuff.  Look out for the future in a couple songs.

I got in the roughs for the new mwvm & Jon DeRosa (solo poppy thing from Aarktica) releases.  Going to check them out in the car tomorrow & start working on press releases in my mind.

Did some work towards the next QRD.  I might get it up tomorrow.  Just depends on how the morning goes.

Nick Marino shared a link to this Jack Kirby documentary, worth checking out…

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3 Responses to Remora, QRD, New Releases, Jack Kirby

  1. Nick says:

    Will the new mwvm have a physical release?

  2. We’re planning to have a physical of the mwvm. Still debating exactly how to do it packaging wise, so the release probably won’t be out before August.

  3. Nick says:

    Thanks for the good news, Brian.