the little big book of QRD collected the interviews & articles from the first seven issues. They were handbound & i think i made 15 copies. QRD Archives Welcome to the QRD Archives, QRD has been going since 1994 & though the future has always been shaky, it seems like it will never really die.  It's sometimes interesting to see what some of the changes in people's points of view on things & what's important to their career if you read interviews with people who did three or four interviews over the course of ten years. Click here for an alphabetical listing of interviews & articles.
QRD #78
about this issue

Artistic Dad Interviews:
Justin Holt (June 2018)
Brian John Mitchell (May 2019)
James Gofus (May 2018)
Billy McKay (May 2018)
Jason Young (May 2018)
Matt Jones (May 2018)
Micah Liesenfeld (May 2018)
Nate Powell (May 2019)

Cartoonist Interviews
Chance Wyatt (August 2017)
Mike Rickaby (November 2017)

Comic Shop Interviews
Atomic Books (August 2017)
Illusive Comics & Games (August 2017)
Jetpack (August 2017)
Mavericks (October 2017)

Guitarist Interviews
Anda Volley (August 2017)
Anna Conner (August 2017)
Grant Nesmith (August 2017)
Lee McKinney (August 2017)
Max Kutner (August 2017)
Micheal M (September 2018)
Tristan Welch (August 2017)

Label Interviews
Enough (August 2017)
Infraction (August 2017)
Tapedrugs (August 2017)

Touring Musicians
Azalia Snail (August 2017)
Irata (August 2017)
Martin Newman (August 2017)
QRD #77
about this issue
Artistic Dad Interviews:
Lou Graziani creator of Cy-Boar (May 2017)
Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea (May 2017)
Philip Polk Palmer (May 2017)
Zachary Scott Lawrence of Endless Chasm (May 2017)
Guitarist Interviews:
LoÔc Josinski of Koyl (July 2016)
Matt Gut of Fullness Off Lack (October 2016)
Touring Musician Interviews:
Lucio Menegon of Prehistoric Horse (June 2016)
QRD 76 about this issue
Artistic Dad Interviews:
Jason Handelsman of The President(June 2016)
JB Sapienza of My Name Is Jonah (June 2016)
Jon Madof of Zion80 (June 2016)
Josh Doughty of Funeral Parlor (June 2016)
LoÔc Josinski of Koyl (June 2016)
Tanner Garza of Black Leather Jesus (June 2016)
Guitarist Interviews:
Casey Harvey of Thrushes (June 2016)
Gabriel Douglas of The 4onthefloor (June 2016)
Cartoonist Interviews:
Jeff McClelland creator of Teddy and the Yeti (June 2016)
Peter Kuper co-founder of World War 3 Illustrated (June 2016)
Josh Howard creator of Dead@17(June 2016)
Touring Musician Interviews:
Aaron Snow of Landing (June 2016)
Nathan Amundson of Rivulets (June 2016)
QRD 75 about this issue
Featured Band Interviews:
Lycia (November 2015)
M is We (October 2015)
Record Label Interview:
Records Ad Nauseum (April 2016)
Cartoonist Interview:
Larry Johnson creator of Tales of Fantasy (August 2015)
Touring Musician Interviews:
Chris Brokaw of Lemonheads (September 2015)
Mkl Anderson of Drekka (October 2015)
Nevada Hill of Bludded Head (October 2015)
Phil Dole of Chord (August 2015)
Rainstick Cowbell (October 2015)
Shane DeLeon of Miss Massive Snowflake (October 2015)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (October 2015)
Zach Corsa of Lost Trail (October 2015)
Short stories:
Takin' Care of Business by Phil Dole (Deviant)
We'll Be The Last Ones Here by Nathan Amundson
QRD 74 about this issue
Featured Band Interview:
Rivulets (July 2015)
Bass Player Interviews:
Tony Zanella of True Love Always, +/-, GD Airlock, & War Tempest (July 2015)
Channing Azure of Alpha Cop (July 2015)
Eric Baldoni of Colt Vista & Audios Amigos (July 2015)
Jeanne Kennedy Crosby of Miss Massive Snowflake (July 2015)
Rob Kohler (July 2015)
Derek M. Poteat of Death Mission to Space (July 2015)
Guitarist interviews:
Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel (July 2015)
Antony Milton of PseudoArcana (July 2015)
Nevada Hill of Bludded Head (July 2015)
Malcolm Brickhouse of Unlocking the Truth (July 2015)
Chvad SB of Things Outside the Skin (July 2015)
Scott Endres of Make & The Pod (July 2015)
Label Owner Interviews:
Richard Gordon of Russian Winter Records (July 2015)
Bertrand Blanchard of Hello.L.A. (July 2015)
Sietse van Erve of Moving Furniture (July 2015)
Jerome Moncada of Basses Frequences (July 2015)
Caethua of Saxwand Records (July 2015)
Comic Creator Interviews:
Richard Van Ingram creator of Loser Comix (July 2015)
Tyler Sowles creator of The Numbered & Durontus (July 2015)
JB Sapienza creator of My Name is Jonah (July 2015)
Troy Vevasis creator of Tales of Trolik (July 2015)
Victor Couwenbergh creator of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz (July 2015)
Terry Hooper creator of Black Tower Adventure (July 2015)
Travis Hymel creator of Boogey Brigade (July 2015)
Robert Hendricks creator of Stranger Two Stranger (July 2015)
Dirk Manning creator of Tales of Mr. Rhee & Nightmare World (July 2015)
QRD 73 about this issue
Musician Father Interviews:
Phil Dole of Chord, X-Bax, & Dots (May 2015)
Philip B. Klingler of PBK (May 2015)
Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing & astrobrite (May 2015)
Fred Frith of Henry Cow (May 2015)
Chad DarkWait of X-Ray Vision & Thrill of a Gunfight (May 2015)
Corbie Hill of Alpha Cop & Battle Rockets (May 2015)
Bret Harold Hart of PorcuPie (May 2015)
Nick Fishman of The Nick Fishman Blues Band (May 2015)
Wayne Horvitz (May 2015)
Kamal Sabran of Space Gambus Experiment (May 2015)
Jon Attwood of Yellow6 (May 2015)
Christian Daly of The Judge (May 2015)
Dave Desmelik (May 2015)
Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound))) (May 2015)
Xavier Dubois of Ultraphallus & KAAPSHLJMURSLIS (May 2015)
Will Dodson of Arbus & Charles DeMar (May 2015)
Benjamin Fair of Ex-Easter Island Head (May 2015)
Chris Brokaw of The Lemonheads & The New Year (May 2015)
Jon Dawson of Third of Never (June 2015)
Comic Creator Father Interviews:
Bob Corby of Back Porch Comics (May 2015)
Gabriel Dunston creator of Funny Thing Happened Today & Purgatory Pub (May 2015)
John Steventon of HappyGlyphs Comics (May 2015)
Jeremy Whitley creator of Princeless, Raven: The Pirate Princess, & Order of Dagonet (May 2015)
JM Hunter creator of Note 2 Self & BAM! (May 2015)
David Branstetter creator of Straw Man & Winter of ‘89 (May 2015)
Joe Badon creator of Terra Kaiju, Memoirs of the Mysterious, Outside the Lines (May 2015)
Joe Chiappetta creator of Silly Daddy (May 2015)
Jason Strutz creator of The Cask of Amontillado, The House of Montresor, & DeathCurse (May 2015)
Ayal Pinkus (May 2015)
Victor Couwenbergh creator of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz, Cyko Kid (May 2015)
Max Dowdle creator of Shattered With Curve of Horn & Greasemonkey (May 2015)
Mike Dawson creator of Troop 142 & Angie Bongiolatti (May 2015)
Kris Lachowski creator of The Mean Goat & Euni the Unicorn (May 2015)
Shawn Atkins creator of Explorers of the Unknown, Gello Apocalypse, & Thundergirl (May 2015)
Daniel Cooney creator of The Tommy Gun Dolls, Valentine, & The Atomic Yeti (May 2015)
Adam Black creator of Locus: Godslayer, Silk & Honey, Locus, & KISS 4K (May 2015)
Brendan Boughen creator of Cartoons by Jim (May 2015)
Michael Bracco creator of The Creators, Novo, & Adam Wreck (May 2015)
Phil Sloan creator of Dead Horse (May 2015)
Shane W Smith creator of The Lesser Evil (May 2015)
Blair Kitchen creator of The Possum (May 2015)
Mike Kitchen creator of Spy Guy (June 2015)
Zinester Father Interviews:
Tim Hinely of Dagger (June 2015)
Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover (June 2015)
QRD #72 - Striving On
about this issue
Label Owner Interviews:
Ben Link Collins of Silent Media Projects (April 2015)
Keith Jones of Fruits de Mer, Regal Crabomphone, & Friends of the Fish (April 2015)
Alastair Mabon of At War With False Noise (April 2015)
Steve Dewhurst of J&C Tapes (April 2015)
Richo Johnson of Fourth Dimension Records, Lumberton Trading Company, & Winter Hill Recordings (April 2015)
Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music (April 2015)
Sam Rosenthal of Projekt Records (April 2015)
Mike Keirsbilck of Consouling Sounds (April 2015)
Renzo of Felmay Records (April 2015)
Chris Jeely of Lathelight Ltd (April 2015)
Michael J Collins of FilthyBroke Recordings (April 2015)
Andrea Vascellari of ViVeriVive & VeniVersus (April 2015)
Bryan Day of Public Eyesore & Eh?  (April 2015)
Guitarist Interview:
Christian Berends of Lend Me Your Underbelly (April 2015)
Comic Creator Interviews:
Casey Brillon of Crusty Comics (April 2015)
Ayal Pinkus (April 2015)
Max de RadiguŤs of Rough Age & Moose (April 2015)
Comic Shop Owner Interviews:
Justin Adcock of Bombshell Comics (April 2015)
Jesse James of Jesse James Comics (April 2015)
Mike Giacoia of October Country Comics (April 2015)
Christian Musician Interview:
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer (April 2015)
QRD #71 - Label Owners Re-Visited
about this issue
Label Owner Interviews:
Bluesanct (March 2015)
Radical Matters Editions/Label (March 2015)
Cohort Records (March 2015)
I Had An Accident (March 2015)
Unread Records & Tapes (March 2015)
Little Helpers (March 2015)
Three One G (March 2015)
Blondena (March 2015)
Second Motion Entertainment (March 2015)
Badman Recording Co. (March 2015)
Autumnal Release (March 2015)
Silber Records (March 2015)
QRD #70 about this issue
Feature Interview:
Electric Bird Noise (January 2015)
Guitarist Interviews:
Fred Frith - Henry Cow, Art Bears, Massacre, Skeleton Crew, Keep the Dog (January 2015)
Phil Dole - Chord, X-Bax, Dots (January 2015)
Chris Jeely - Llarks, Accelera Deck, (the) Dead Sea Flowers (January 2015) 
Comic Creator Interviews:
Jules Rivera - Valkyrie Squadron & Misfortune High (November 2014)
Derek Adnams & Brandon Bullock - GrayHaven Mosaic (January 2015)
Graham & Caroline Johnson - Of Stars & Swords (December 2014)
Martin Malin - Fritesite (December 2014)
Mike Rickaby - CE Publishing & Megabook (December 2014)
QRD #69 about this issue
Feature Interviews:
Nick Marino - Holy F*ck (October 2014)
babysue (October 2014)
Guitarist Interviews:
Trey McManus of Treyverb (October 2014)
Ryan Potter of The Maryettas & The Scrapes (September 2014)
Jonathon Trevillien of Morelands (October 2014)
Comic Creator Interviews:
Sarah Roark - After Daylight (October 2014)
Comic Shop Interviews:
Legends Comics & Books (October 2014)
Modern Myths (October 2014)
Third Eye (October 2014)
QRD - Martin Newman
QRD #68 about this issue
Guitarist Interviews:
Chris Ruffolo of Rocket Miner (March 2014)
Greg Kozlowski of Architectural Metaphor, Secret Saucer, Antrilon, & Nebula Trip (April 2014)
James Youngjohns of Anna Kashfi & Last Harbour (April 2014)
Chandra Shukla of Xambuca (April 2014)
Raine Liimakka of Can Can Heads (April 2014)
Shane de Leon of Miss Massive Snowflake (May 2014)
Aaron Snow of Landing, Surface of Eceyon, Tinniens, & Paper (May 2014)
Lauri Hyvšrinen of Horst Quartet & XXXXXX (May 2014)
Rainstick Cowbell (May 2014)
Jasper Stadhouders of Cactus Truck & Spinifex (June 2014)
Marcus Skinner of Bird Traps (August 2014)
David Dobbs of Vampires (August 2014)
Bonnie Mercer of Breathing Shrine, Dumb Numbers, & Paul Kidney Experience (August 2014)
QRD #67 about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Jeff Guarino & Dean Westerfield - Moses, Amboy (January 2014)
Luke Parker - Merrick The Sensational Elephantman (January 2014)
Jack Gonzalez - Pins & Needles, Last Unicorn, The Shadow King (January 2014)
Tom Arvis - Mercenary Pig, Wayout West, Adolescent Power Fantasies, & XRQ24 (January 2014)
Jared Catherine - Incrediman, Walrus (January 2014)
Nic J Shaw - Action Johnson (January 2014)
Andrew MacLean - Head Lopper, SNIP SNIP, Department O, Colonial Souls (January 2014)
Andrew Moran - Cry Havoc (March 2014)
Joe Simmons - Milt, Stupendo-Dog (March 2014)
Tony Sedani - Return to Rander, Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea (March 2014)
Leigh Walls - Bloody Pulp Magazine, Trey (March 2014)
Emily R Gillis - Jikoshia, A Day In The Life Of My Cats, Cranky Cthulhu (March 2014)
Scott David Finch - A Little World Made Cunningly (April 2014)
Crystal M Rollins - Aspect, Until Death Do Us Part, Skyborne, Jikoshia (April 2014)
Janusia Figuieredo - JanusClockwork (April 2014)
Michael S Bracco - The Creators, NOVO, Adam Wreck (June 2014)
QRD #66 about this issue
Guitarist Interviews:
Gavin MacArthur of Schlong, Gasa Gasa Orchestra, Max and Her Trail Mix, & Nick Nevis (December 2013)
Gary Murray of Gary Murray & LN & (eighteen twelve) (January 2014)
Joe O'Sullivan of Bilge Pump & Polaris (September 2013)
Tony Whitlock of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea & Secret Keepers (November 2013)
Jason Williams of Tundras, Animal Holograms, & Haunted Yacht (January 2014)
Lucio Menegon of Reverend Screaming Fingers, microdecibel, & Fisted Lizard (September 2013)
Dan Bridgewood-Hill of dbh, NASDAQ, The FTSE 100, Burnst, & DAQ Sabbath (November 2013)
Igliashon Jones (November 2013)
Denny Kopp of Above Us The Waves & Kopp Archtops (February 2014)
Drew Jacobs of Drew Jacobs & the Sauce & Drewbear (February 2014)
Jason Hendrix of An Unfortunate Woman (February 2014)
QRD #65 about this issue
Jason Young creator of Veggie Dog Saturn (September 2013)
Jamie Barnes (September 2013)
Mike VanPortfleet of Lycia (September 2013)
Scotty Irving of Clang Quartet (October 2013)
Shaun Sandor of Promute (October 2013)
Ben Vendetta (October 2013)
Ben Link Collins of Silent Media (October 2013)
Nick Marino creator of Super Haters (October 2013)
Joe Kendrick of WNCW (October 2013)
Brian John Mitchell of Silber (October 2013)
Carl Kruger of Static Fanatic (October 2013)
Candy Reviews by Brian John Mitchell & Kelsey Barnes
QRD #64 about this issue
Alan Sparhawk of Low (June 2013)
Paul Gregory of Lanterns on the Lake (June 2013)
Keith Jones of Fruits de Mer (June 2013)
George Mastrokostas of Sound in Silence (June 2013)
Short Story:
The Shards that Float Upstream by Patricia Russo
Living Art by Joshua Heinrich
Tour Diary:
Plumerai - Mondegreen
Remora - Recent Covers
Animated Art:
Sun Photos
QRD #63, Guitarist Interviews Part IX about this issue
Guitarist Interviews:
Chris Vaisvil (May 2013)
David M Birchall of Kalbakken (May 2013)
Stef Ketteringham of Shield Your Eyes (May 2013)
Patrick Ogle of Thanatos (May 2013)
Xavier Watkins of Fuzzy Lights (May 2013)
Bill Berends of Mastermind (May 2013)
Todd Hawthorne of Greensect (May 2013)
Michael Clamp of Lazarus Clamp (May 2013)
Eric Bessel of Lore City (May 2013)
Benjamin LÝzninger of LÝzninger (May 2013)
Benjamin Duvall of Ex-Easter Island Head (May 2013)
Tom Lugo of Stellarscope & Panophonic (May 2013)
Peter Bingham of Sendelica (May 2013)
QRD #62 - Indie Comic Creators VI about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Jay Payne - Bamn, Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse of Tall Tales, & Crystal Clear (May 2013)
Steven Myers - F.E.D.s & Mutant Elf (May 2013)
William Dean Blankenship, Jr - Special Edition, Crazy Mary & Double Jumpers (May 2013)
Ted Intorcio - Head & Torso & Bright Futures (May 2013)
Lucas Herr - The ERAS series, The Tomb of Naomi, Changeling & Socialfist (May 2013)
Troy-Jeffrey Allen - Bamn, Dr. Dremo’s Horrors of War, & District Comics (May 2013)
Jeff Gibbons - Pretty Jeff (May 2013)
Brian Hagen - Pen Grenades (May 2013)
Nils Balls - Skeleton Balls Comics (May 2013)
Eric Grissom- Deadhorse, Planet Gigantic, Tom & Violence, & Animals (May 2013)
Eric Ratcliffe - New Comic Day (May 2013)
Steve Peters - The Comicverse, Awakening Comics, Chemistry, Tails of Sparky (May 2013)
QRD #61 - Guitarist Inteviews VIII about this issue
Guitarist Interviews:
Alan Bishop of Sun City Girls (April 2013)
Grťgory Duby of Jesus is My Son & Zoho (April 2013)
Nathan Joyner of All Leather, Secret Fun Club, Some Girls, & Hot Nerds (April 2013)
Nick Jonah Davies (April 2013)
Matthew Filler of Mansions & Junipers (April 2013)
Chris Brokaw of Come, Codeine, The New Year, Hidden Tooth, The Catamites, & Dirtmusic (April 2013)
Andrea Vascellari of Lullabier & Firetail (April 2013)
Jeff Barsky of Insect Factory & Plums (April 2013)
Chas McKeown of Gray Young (April 2013)
Jean D.L. of Soumonces! & Stahlmus Delegation (April 2013)
Adam Cooper of Alison's Halo & Lochheed (April 2013)
Chris Summerlin of Kogumaza, Grey Hairs, & Dusty Bible (April 2013)
QRD #60 - Indie Comic Creators V about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Mike Dawson - Freddie & Me & Troop 142 (April 2013)
Floyd Lewis - Dartgirl, Plantevil, Spygirls, & Jungle Ann (April 2013)
A.P. Fuchs - Axiom-man & Canister X (April 2013)
Darin Shuler - Castle & Wood (April 2013)
Trevor Denham - The Body Broker, Dues est Mortuus, & A Man Comes Around (April 2013)
Jules Rivera - Valkyrie Squadron & Misfortune High (April 2013)
John Steventon - Knight & Day & The Inquiring Minds (April 2013)
Lorenzo Ross - Alternative City & Complicated Hair (April 2013)
John Allison - Botched (April 2013)
Michael San Giacomo - Phantom Jack, Tales of the Starlight Drive-In, & Chalk (April 2013)
Matt Chic - Night Light Comics & Egyptian Shumba (April 2013)
Jackie Crofts - Nutmeg (April 2013)
Don W. Seven - Babysue (April 2013)
Derek Baxter - Drunken Cat Comics (April 2013)

Interview Series Updates:
Nate McDonough - Grixly, Don't Come Back, & Bears In Space (April 2013)
Jason Dube - Scattered Comics (April 2013)
Brian John Mitchell - Lost Kisses, XO, Worms, Just a Man (April 2013)
QRD #59 - Indie Label Interviews Part IV
about this issue
Indie Label Owner Interviews with:
Thomas Storck of Bunkerpop (March 2013)
Joshua Heinrich of Autumnal Release (March 2013)
Mark Morris of Bo' Weavil Recordings (March 2013)
Sean O’Neal of Little Helpers (March 2013)
Carlos Villena of Mantricum (March 2013)
Martin Davidson of Emanen (March 2013)
Anna-Lynne Williams of Saint-Loup (March 2013)
Bernd Jungwirth of Withering Trees (March 2013)
Shaun Sandor of Blondena (March 2013)
David Mench of Waggletone (March 2013)
Chandra Shukla of Erototox Decodings (March 2013)
Steve Dewhurst of Jehu and Chinaman (March 2013)
QRD #58 - Indie Comic Creators Part IV
about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Heather Nunnelly - Vacant, What If, Before I Sleep (February 2013)
Jeremy Baum - Extravagant Traveler, Postland (February 2013)
Graeme McNee - Minimal Comics, Coma, Living By The Water, Minotaur, Stories (February 2013)
Michael Neno - The Signifiers, The Mesh, Quacky Pig, Freak Cave, The Emotionists, Landlark (February 2013)
Cihan Sesen - Spine, Stop the Rain (February 2013)
Shana Cleveland - Famous Faces, Obscure Giants of Acoustic Guitar, Snack Shack Phunnyz (February 2013)
Jeremy The Artist - My Talking Head, Mortem Apocalypsi, The Axeman (February 2013)
Andrew Taylor - Potential, Doctorcops M.D. (February 2013)
Simon Moreton - SMOO Comics, The Escapologist, Bear Pit Zine (February 2013)
GMB Chomichuk - The Imagination Manifesto, RayGun Gothic (February 2013)
Virginia Shields - The Orbs of Power (February 2013)
Mulele Jarvis - The Mindgator, Elbis, Weird Crime Theater (February 2013)
Lars KramhÝft - Arch Enemy, Made Flesh, The Grinning Man (February 2013)
Josie Pi Grant - Bourbon Journals (February 2013)
Palle Schmidt - Devil's Concubine, Hard Evidence (February 2013)
Shawn Atkins - Gello Apocalypse, Explorers of the Unknown (February 2013)
Tom Kristensen - Deadboy, Made Flesh, Octopulp Magazine (February 2013)
Francesca Urbinati - Niki Batsprite (February 2013)
Harold Dean Cupec - Pugnuggle Tales, Cryptic Vault of Weird Suspense (February 2013)
Adam Black - Silk & Honey, Locus, Kiss 4K (February 2013)
Daniel McCloskey - A Film About Billy, Top of the Line, Bears in Space (February 2013)
QRD #57 - Guitarist Interview Series Part VII
about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Francesco Candura of Jennifer Gentle, Stop The Wheel, Rivulets, & Boomerangs (January 2013)
Justin O'Connor of Church of Graviton (January 2013)
C Joynes (January 2013)
Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound))) & My Lover the Ghost (January 2013)
Killick Hinds of Killick (January 2013)
Kyle Arthur Miller of Haunter, BLACK WōLF, & Qualia (January 2013)
Mark Wol of Alpha Couple & Kram Ran (January 2013)
Dan West of Sidewalk Society & LoveyDove (January 2013)
Olaf Rupp (January 2013)
Lorne Hind of Tamin Thunder (January 2013)
Mark Nelsen of The Electric Shepherd (January 2013)
Jordan Ferreira of Mindwalk Blvd (January 2013)
Willy B of The Independents (January 2013)
AndrŤ Erbyeah of Three Kings on the Hill (January 2013)
Shane Handal of Set and Setting (January 2013)
Interview Series Updates:
Andras Fekete of Boat Burning & Triangle Rhysing (January 2013)
Martin Newman of Plumerai & Goddakk (January 2013)
QRD #56 - Indie Comic Creator Interview Series Part III about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews with:
David Branstetter - Straw Man (July 2012)
David Paul - Ugli Studios Presents vol 1, JOSEPH! (July 2012)
Gabriel Dunston - Funny Thing Happened Today, Off-Panel Hero, & Purgatory Pub (July 2012)
Gary T Becks - Mazscara, Joseph, & Fiendy (July 2012)
Jeremy Whitley - Princeless, The Order of Dagonet, GlobWorld, & Werewolf D.A. (July 2012)
John Porcellino - King-Cat Comics & Stories (July 2012)
Ken Eppstein - Nix Comics (July 2012)
Nate McDonough - Grixly, Don't Come Back, & Bears In Space (July 2012)
Brenda Hickey - In the Air & Ary Inspires (July 2012)
Brian Payne - Zinc Comics (July 2012)
Suzanne Baumann - Turtleneck Boy & As Eavesdropped (July 2012)
Chris Monday - Drink More Water, Three to Four, & Thirty-Four (July 2012)
Christiann MacAuley - Sticky Comics (July 2012)
Katherine Wirick - Nervenkrank & No One Is Safe (July 2012)
J.M. Hunter - Note 2 Self, BAM, & Angry Citizen (July 2012)
Mark Oakley - Thieves & Kings & Stardrop (July 2012)
Jason Dube - Scattered Comics (July 2012)
Zak Sally - Recidivist & Sammy the Mouse (July 2012)
QRD #55 - Guitarist Interview Series Part VI about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Mason Jones of Numinous Eye, Tone Volt, We've Come For What's Ours, & SubArachnoid Space (June 2012)
Chris Wade of Orlock,, Groove., & The Wades (June 2012)
Corbie Hill of Alpha Cop, Where the Buffalo Roamed, & peripherals (June 2012)
Davy Curci of The Real Deal, The Acoustic Outlaws, & Gaining Merit (June 2012)
Matt Northrup (June 2012)
Xavier Dubois of Ultraphallus & Y.E.R.M.O. (June 2012)
Tony Sagger of DrugsDragons (June 2012)
Rich Bennett of Monocle, Rebecca Pronsky, & Mansions and Junipers (June 2012)
Jonas Munk of Causa Sui, Sun River, Jonas Munk, Manual, & Chicago Odense Ensemble (June 2012)
Matthew Eyles of Dutch Order (June 2012)
Francesco “fuzz” Brasini (June 2012)
Shawn Lawson Freeman of Beneath Wind and Waves & The Weak Knees (June 2012)
Jacques LaMore of The Projection (June 2012)
Curran Faris of Greenhouse & Warsaw (June 2012)
Sean Fewell of The Broken Sparrows (June 2012)
Ryan Scally of Orange Blossom Flyover (June 2012)
Shawn Steven of The Hague (June 2012)
Sophia Johnson of the Toy Hearts (June 2012)
Mick Barr of Orthrelm, Krallice, & Ocrilim (June 2012)
Joshua Heinrich of fornever, Black Wedding, premature burial, Orangabelle 5, & Colder than Yesterday (June 2012)
Jim Walker of Tim and Jim & JVA (June 2012)
Jacob Peck of Symbolikas & Cosmic Mystery Band of Unknown (June 2012)
QRD #54 - Musician Dads Part IV about this issue
Musician Dad Interviews with:
Aaron Snow of Landing, Surface of Eceon, & Paper (May 2012)
Nyles Lannon of Sacred Caves (May 2012)
Philippe Petit of Strings Of Consciousness (May 2012)
Ryan Sollee of The Builders & The Butchers (May 2012)
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer (May 2012)
Jamie Barnes (May 2012)
Daniel Prendiville (May 2012)
Doug Burr (June 2012)
Alex Boniwell of Inebrious Bastard & Leech Woman (May 2012)
Andrew Ratfink Wilson of Alien Sex Fiend (May 2012) 
Charles Hoffman of Fetal Pig, Why Make Clocks, & Distant Trains (May 2012)
Dave Sims of The Lonelies (June 2012)
Dan Beckman of Village of Spaces & Impractical Cockpit (June 2012)
Scott Berrier of Powercloud (June 2012)
James Zahn of Saturday Action Theatre & The Rock Father (June 2012) 
QRD #53 - Guitarist Interview Series V about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with: 
Jason Handelsman of The President (May 2011)
Andras Fekete of Boat Burning (May 2011) 
Phil Mitchell of Double Handsome Dragons (March 2011)
Jessica Bailiff (May 2011) 
Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea (June 2011)
Ben Weyerhaeuser of Rags & Ribbons (July 2011)
Greg & Kyrsten Magnuson of Magnuson (July 2011)
Brandon Helms of From Oceans to Autumn (March 2011)
Matt Guess of The White Cascade (March 2011) 
Rachel Staggs of Experimental Aircraft (July 2011)
Jun Minowa of Gargle & Yawning (March 2011) 
Michael Cosma of Anixas (October 2011) 
Cheryl Hall of Irata (October 2011)
QRD 52 about this issue
Indie Label owner Interviews with:
Bruno Dorella of Bar la Muerte (June 2011)
John Crouch of Cape & Chalice (May 2011) 
James Agren of Darla (March 2011)
Kevin Meyer of Dusty Medical Records (May 2011) 
Alexis Brantes of FunerART (March 2011)
Adam Bartlett of Gilead Media (October 2011)
Justin Bieler of I Had An Accident (May 2011)
Zdenko Franjic of Listen Loudest (Slusaj Najglasnije) (March 2011) 
Gareth Hardwick of Low Point (March 2011) 
Cole Peters & Chris Jacques of Prairie Fire Tapes (May 2011)
Caethua of Saxwand Records (March 2011) 
Ben Link Collins of Silent Media Projects (September 2011) 
Bart De Paepe of Sloow Tapes (March 2011)
Mike Schulman of Slumberland (August 2011) 
Josh Rosenthal of Tompkins Square (March 2011)
QRD#51 about this issue
Indie Comic Creator Interviews with:
‘Lil - Tiny Tommy Comics (June 2011)
Kimberlee Traub - Worms (June 2011)
Liz Suburbia - Sacred Heart & Cyanide Milkshake (June 2011)
Michael Anthony Carroll - R.A.In.B.O.W, AsthmaAttack, Death Takes on Holidays, The Kernal (June 2011)
Mike Kitchen - Spy Guy (June 2011)
Sloane Leong - Crooked Root & Maschinell (June 2011)
Troy Little - Angora Napkin & Chiaroscuro (June 2011)
Wayne Wise - Grey Legacy & Chaos Punks (June 2011)
Blair Kitchen - The Possum (June 2011)
David Lawrence - Mercy Thompson: Moon Called, Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf, & Ex-Mutants (June 2011)
Dawn Best - VARULV, Sonic the Hedgehog, & Sylvanna (June 2011)
ED - Peculiar Comics (June 2011)
Gary Scott Beatty - Jazz: Cool Birth (June 2011)
Jack Knifley - Haunted & Break The Line (June 2011)
Jason Strutz - The Order of Dagonet (June 2011)
William Schaff - Dead in Disemboque (June 2011)
about this issue
Artistic Dad Interviews with:
Jason Ward of Irata (June 2011)
Khristian Weeks (June 2011)
Don Campau (June 2011)
Eugene Chadbourne (June 2011)
Kurt Dinse of One Year in Indiana (June 2011)
Justin Bieler of I Had An Accident Records (June 2011)
QRD #49 - Christian Artists Interview Series about this issue
Christian Artist Interview Series:
Jamie Barnes (March 2011)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (March 2011)
Jeremy Johnson (March 2011)
Joseph Kendrick (March 2011)
Scotty Irving of Clang Quartet (March 2011)
Joe Badon (March 2011)
Brian John Mitchell of Remora (March 2011)
Kirk Adam (March 2011)
Doug Tesnow (March 2011)
Bryce Clayton Eiman (May 2011)
Tara Vanflower of Lycia (March 2011)
QRD #47 - Record Label Owners Interview Series about this issue
Indie & Mini Comic Creator Interviews with:
Jeremy Johnson - Marked (February 2011)
PB Kain - Peeling Glass & Mumblypeg (February 2011)
Joe Badon - Behind Yesterday (February 2011)
Andrew White - Sexbuzz, Consumed,  & Just a Man (February 2011)
R. J. Parť - Buddha Monkey & The Adventures of Driving Boy & Coffee Girl (February 2011)
Shawn Harbin - The Dungeon Comic (February 2011)
Colin Upton - Buddha on the Road & Big Thing (February 2011)
Kevin LaPorte - Clown Town & The Blind Eye (February 2011)
Sara Lindo - Carl Finds Love (February 2011)
Joseph Morris - TORC Press (February 2011)
Stephen Hines - Valedictorian USA & Crackerstacker (February 2011)
Steve Seck - Steve Seck's Life is Good (February 2011)
Derek R Croston - Croston's Method Comix & Unicorns Changed My Life (February 2011)
M. L. Walker - Hero Corp., International & Smoking Guns (February 2011)
Daniel Gracey - G2 Comics (February 2011)
Matthew D. Smith - The Adventurers of Liberty City (February 2011)
Brian John Mitchell - Lost Kisses, XO, Just A Man, Marked, & Worms (February 2011)
Brandon Graham - King City & Multiple Warheads (February 2011)
Gordon McAlpin - Multiplex (February 2011)
Ross Campbell - Wet Moon, Shadoweyes, The Abandoned, Hack/Slash, & House of Mystery (February 2011)
Alex Robinson - Box Office Poison, Tricked, & Too Cool to Be Forgotten (February 2011)
Nik Havert - Pickle Press (February 2011)
Kurt Dinse - One Year in Indiana & HURR (February 2011)
Nick Marino - Super Haters & Time Log (February 2011)
Bob Corby - Oh, Comics!, Bunny Blues, & Vugz (February 2011)
Eric Shonborn - Cops ‘n’ Crooks, Monthly, Razorbaby, Timeliners,  & Justice Nevada (February 2011)
Melissa Spence Gardner - XO, Strange Snow, & Plink Comics (February 2011)
Dave Sim - Cerebus & glamourpuss (February 2011)
Mason Johnson - Robots Need Not & Zoir (February 2011)
Jason Young - Veggie Dog Saturn (February 2011)
QRD #46 - Guitarists Interview Series about this issue
Record Label Owner Interviews with:
Sam Rosenthal of Projekt (January 2011)
Kristel Jax of IT3 (January 2011)
EFK of Hikikomori (January 2011)
Dan Beckman of Turned Word (January 2011)
Timo Alterauge of Denovali Records (January 2011)
tiMOTHy of Hand/Eye & Dark Holler (January 2011)
C. Fishcer of Unread Records & Tapes (January 2011)
Jafar & Maxime Cescau of Artizan Music (January 2011)
Alan Herrick of Auricular Records (January 2011)
Ceschi Ramos of Fake Four Inc. (January 2011)
Richard Knox of Gizeh Records (January 2011)
Mike Cadoo of n5MD (January 2011)
Roger Linney of Reverb Worship (January 2011)
Johnny of Transubstans (January 2011)
John Gore of Cohort Records (January 2011)
Adam & Jennifer Melinn of Fedora Corpse Recordings (January 2011)
Jerome Moncada of Basses Frequences (January 2011)
Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music (January 2011)
Justin Pearson of Three One G (January 2011)
Timothy Walker of Bad Elk (January 2011)
Sarah Hughes & Patrick Farmer of Compost & Height (January 2011)
Zac Keiller of Dreamland Recordings (January 2011)
Sean Gray, Chris Berry, & Tracy Soo-Ming of Fan Death (January 2011)
J.R. of Public Guilt (January 2011)
Josh Vanek of Wantage USA  (January 2011)
Al Mabon of At War With False Noise (January 2011)
Andrew Maitai of Powertool Records (January 2011)
QRD #46 - Guitarists Interview Series about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Azalia Snail (January 2011)
Alan Sparhawk of Low & Retribution Gospel Choir (December 2010)
Jesse Grey of Wild Dead Rabbits & The Pointless Forest (January 2011)
Michael Shiny of Shiny Around The Edges (December 2010)
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine (December 2010)
John Booker of I Was Totally Destroying It (December 2010)
Steven Mitchell of The Heligoats, Ulysses S. Grant, & Hungry Mountain (December 2010)
Ian McPhedran of Ostrich Tuning (December 2010)
Josef Echter of Draff Krimmy & Apokrypha (December 2010)
Jordan Barger of Arte Povera (January 2011)
Zachary Corsa of Lost Trail (January 2011)
Ed Ricart of Matta Gawa & New Atlantis Collective (December 2010)
Yair Yona (December 2010)
Jeff Schneider of Arab on Radar & Made in Mexico (December 2010)
QRD #45 - Record Label Owner Interview Series about this issue
Record Label Owner Interviews with:
Dylan Magierek of Badman Recording Co. (November 2010)
Michael Anderson of Bluesanct (November 2010)
Onga of Boring Machines (November 2010)
Adam Barringer of Champion Version (November 2010)
Ed of Dark Meadow Recordings (November 2010)
Kai Kobi Mikalsen of End of huM (November 2010)
Katy Otto of Exotic Fever Records (November 2010)
Taner Torun of Fluttery Records (November 2010)
Richard Johnson of Fourth Dimension & Lumberton Trading Company (November 2010)
Todd Berry of Greyday Records (November 2010)
mr. kranky of kranky (November 2010)
Willy Winky of Lagunamuch Records (November 2010)
Wim Lecluyse of Morc Records (November 2010)
Sietse van Erve of Moving Furniture (November 2010)
Shane de Leon of North Pole Records (November 2010)
Sandro Gronchi of Radical Matters Editions/Label (November 2010)
Stephen Judge of Second Motion Entertainment (November 2010)
Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records (November 2010)
Mark Beazley of Trace Recordings (November 2010)
QRD #44 - Bass Player Special about this issue
Bassist Interviews with:
CJ Boyd (October 2010)
Monte Allen of Rollerball & Moodring (October 2010)
Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton (October 2010)
Trevor Dunn of Fantomas (October 2010)
Jeffrey Roden (October 2010)
Phillip Palmer of Port City Music (October 2010)
Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors (October 2010)
Frank Alexander of Triplicity (October 2010)
Brian Preston (October 2010)
Jason Ajemian (October 2010)
Darin DePaolo of IANTH (October 2010)
Jill Palumbo of The Torches (October 2010)
Jon Case of Irata (October 2010)
James Newman of Plumerai (October 2010)
Matteo Bennici (October 2010)
Tim Dahl of Child Abuse (October 2010)
QRD 43 about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Jon DeRosa of Aarktica (August 2010)
Brian McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise (August 2010)
Invisible Elephant (August 2010)
Wim Lecluyse of Circle Bros (August 2010)
Nick Reinhart of Tera Melos (August 2010)
Matt Stevens of Fierce and the Dead (August 2010)
Dan Cohoon of Moral Crayfish & Empty Shapes (August 2010)
Clayton James Mick of Booze Brothers (August 2010)
John Trubee (August 2010)
Agata of Melt-Banana (August 2010)
Bones Denault of Shady Lady (August 2010)
Eric Hausmann (August 2010)
PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel (August 2010)
Ryan Wasterlain of Summer of Glaciers (August 2010)
Miguel Baptista Benedict (August 2010)
Jim Dennis of Random FX (August 2010)
Jon Attwood of Yellow6 (August 2010)
Travis Kotler of Pineal Ventana (August 2010)
Brian Elyo of mobdividual (August 2010)
Joe Morgan of The Late Virginia Summers (August 2010)
Bill Horist of Master Musicians of Bukkake (August 2010)
QRD 42 about this issue
Guitarist Interviews with:
Ashkelon Sain of Trance to the Sun & Soriah (July 2010)
Zac Keiller (July 2010)
Eric Muhs (July 2010)
Patrick Vega (July 2010)
Russ Stedman (July 2010)
Bret Hart (July 2010)
Rick Ray (July 2010)
John William Gordon (July 2010)
Evan Peta (July 2010)
Evgeny Zheyda of Thorn1 (July 2010)
Dave Halverson of Trance Lucid (July 2010)
Charles Rice Goff III (July 2010)
Calvin Johnson of Dub Narcotic Sound System (July 2010)
Kim Chee of Pineal Ventana & AkuYou (July 2010)
John G Sosnowski of Cystem (July 2010)
Michael Walton of mwvm (July 2010)
Annelies Monserť (July 2010)
Eric Quach of thisquietarmy (July 2010)
Robert Poss of Band of Susans (July 2010)
Sarah June (July 2010)
Ted Johnson of National Holographic (July 2010)
QRD #41 - guitarist special about this issue
Guitarist Series Interviews with:
Jason LaFarge of Hallux & Pineal Ventana (June 2010)
Aidan Baker of Nadja, Whisper Room, & ARC (June 2010)
Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu (June 2010)
Brian John Mitchell of Remora & Vlor (June 2010)
Martin Newman of Plumerai & Goddakk (June 2010)
Mat Sweet of Boduf Songs (June 2010)
Robin Crutchfield of DNA (June 2010)
Darren Hayman of Hefner (June 2010)
Anna-Lynne Williams of Lotte Kestner & Trespassers William (June 2010)
Larry Marotta (June 2010)
Mike Cosper of Sojourn (June 2010)
Sibyll Kalff (June 2010)
Tam (June 2010)
Jamie Barnes (June 2010)
Nathan Amundson of Rivulets (June 2010)
Jenks Miller of Horseback & Mount Moriah (June 2010)
Chris Olley of Six by Seven (June 2010)
Don Campau (June 2010)
Colin Newman of Wire & Githead (June 2010)
QRD #40 - Musician Dad Special about this issue
musician dad interviews with:
Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton (June 2009)
Shaun Sandor of Promute/Bicameral Mind (June 2009)
Jeremy M Lange, freelance photographer (June 2009)
Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders (June 2009)
Matthew Kendall of Rogue Motel (June 2009)
Bevan Hurd of The Very Foundation (June 2009)
Michael Jarmer of Here Comes Everybody (June 2009)
Chris Williams of Maple Stave (June 2009)
Brian John Mitchell of Remora (June 2009)
Kyle Monday of Carta (June 2009)
Bill Tollner of Amadan (June 2009)
Sacha Galvagna of Carta (June 2009)
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine (June 2009)
Benjamin LÝzninger of LÝzninger (June 2009)
about this issue
Interview with Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton (March 2009)
Interview with Sarah June (January 2009)
Interview with Northern Valentine (March 2009)
Interview with Hotel Hotel (March 2009)
Interview with Brian John Mitchell of Silber (March 2009)
Interview with Melissa Spence Gardner of XO & Plink Comics (March 2009)
Interview with Lisa Uber of WRSU (January 2009)
QRD #38 - record store special Our Record Store Special!
about this issue
Peter Gianakopoulos of The Old School Records interview (June 2008)
Jeff Anderson of Angry Young and Poor interview (June 2008)
Melanie of Music Saves interview (June 2008)
Andee of aQuarius recOrds interview (June 2008)
Chaz Martenstein of Bull City Records interview (June 2008)
Michelle Allen of Bananas Music interview (June 2008)
Luke Renchan of Luke's Record Exchange interview (June 2008)
Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations Mailorder interview (June 2008)
Michael Wood of The Lazy i interview (June 2008)
Jon Howard of Flat, Black, & Circular interview (June 2008)
Naomi Diamond of Mod Lang interview (June 2008)
Dave Bookout of Two If By Sea Records interview (June 2008)
Lauren Reskin of Sweat Records interview (June 2008)
Roland Peloza of Cheeky Monkey interview (June 2008)
Dave Muir of Sloth Records interview (June 2008)
Frank of Ars Macabre interview (June 2008)
Patrick Monaghan of Carrot Top Distribution interview (June 2008)
Our Radio Special!
about this issue
Hunter King at WESU interview (April 2008)
Andrea-Jane Cornell at CKUT interview (April 2008)
Geary Kaczorowski at WUMD interview (April 2008)
Max Martin at WUOG interview (April 2008)
Keri Fico at WUSB interview (April 2008)
Justin Lanoue at CFUV interview (April 2008)
Thurston Hunger at KFJC interview (April 2008)
Steve Marlow at CFBX interview (April 2008)
Joe Kendrick at WNCW interview (April 2008)
QRD #36 - Couples Bands Our Valentine's Special!
about this issue
Interview with Jane & Josh of Abiku (February 2008)
Interview with Rachel & Carlos of All in the Golden Afternoon (February 2008)
Interview with Chris & Kim of The Backsliders (February 2008)
Interview with Carlton & Sharon of Book of Shadows (February 2008)
Interview with John & Verna of California Oranges (February 2008)
Interview with Zac of Dramady (February 2008)
Interview with Dave & Jennifer of Grappling Hook (February 2008)
Interview with Renť & Michael of Here Comes Everybody (February 2008)
Interview with Douglas & Jackie of List of Likes (February 2008)
Interview with Alan & Mimi of Low  (February 2008)
Interview with Mike & Tara of Lycia (February 2008)
Interview with Brian of My Glass Beside Yours (February 2008)
Interview with Jason & Melissa of Myotis (February 2008)
Interview with Robert & Amy of Northern Valentine (February 2008)
Interview with Paris of Paris Luna (February 2008)
Interview with Fuzz & Carrie of Rolla (February 2008)
Interview with Mae & Monte of Rollerball (February 2008)
Interview with Chrissy of Something About Vampires And Sluts (February 2008)
Interview with Mike & Jen of Shiny Around the Edges (February 2008)
Interview with Shawn & Liz of Silk Stocking (February 2008)
Interview with Chris of The Wades (March 2008)
Interview with Windy & Carl of Windy & Carl (February 2008)
Interview with Patrick & Gina of The Winter Sounds (February 2008)
xo #3 - first time
Brian Hearts Katherine - The Lost Kisses Crossover
complaints about humans - part 3
about this issue
Origami Arktika interview (January 2008)
Plumerai interview (January 2008)
Jessica Bailiff interview (January 2008)
mwvm interview (January 2008)
Aarktica interview (January 2008)
Brian: A Hero
about this issue & the future
Attrition Interview (October 2007)
Low Interview (October 2007)
Electric Bird Noise Interview (October 2007)
Halloween Movies by William Dodson
Lost Kisses Halloween Craptacular (2006)
Silber Sounds of Halloween Compilation
QRD #33, the Father's Day Special about this issue - the Father's Day Special
Martin Bowes of Attrition (May 2007)
Benjy Johnson of Benjomatic (May 2007)
Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl & Projekt Records (May 2007)
William Amundson of Change in Tymes (May 2007)
Josh Howard author of Dead@17 (May 2007)
Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance (June 2007)
Aaron Molina of If Thousands (May 2007)
D.A. Sebasstian of Kill Switch...Klick & The Inner Demons (May 2007)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (May 2007)
Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake (May 2007)
Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika (May 2007)
Tore Boe of Origami Republika  (May 2007)
Chris Olley of Six by Seven, Twelve, & Fuck Me USA (May 2007)
Timothy Renner of Stone Breath, Black Happy Day, Dark Holler, & Hand/Eye (May 2007)
Patrick Ogl of Thanatos (May 2007)
Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face (May 2007)
Jason Wallach of The Unquiet Void (May 2007)
Chris Wade of The Wades (May 2007)
Nevada Hill  of The Zanzibar Snails (May 2007)
Wayne Barnes of Tom Dooley & the Lovelights (May 2007)
Dan Sostrom of Tonevendor & Clairecords (May 2007)
Colin Newman of Wire (May 2007)
Joe Kendrick of WNCW (May 2007)
QRD #32, the car crash issue.... about this issue
Crash - Brian John Mitchell
Crash - Alan Sparhawk
Crash - James Newman
Crash - Nathan Amundson
The Wreck - Will Dodson
Bound and Loose by Patricia Russo
See and Say by Patricia Russo
She Was a Doll by Tara Vanflower
David Galas interview (February 2007)
Jamie Barnes interview (February 2007)
Rivulets interview (February 2007)
The Goslings interview (February 2007)
Gifts for Touring Musicians
I Heart FX - Martin Newman (Plumerai)
I Heart FX - Nathan Amundson (Rivulets)
I Heart FX - Shane DeLeon Sauers (Rollerball)
QRD #31, hard work for dead ends about this issue
Jessica Bailiff interview (July 2006)
Tara Vanflower interview (July 2006)
Nathan Norman (Devo 2.0) interview (July 2006)
Alan Sparhawk interview (July 2006)
Heller Mason interview (August 2006)
Kimber Lanning (Stinkweeds) interview (August 2006)
2:22 by Tara Vanflower
Murder Suicide by Tara Vanflower
My Name is Brian
The Transformation of Ernesto
I Heart FX - Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle)
I Heart FX - Bill Horist
I Heart FX - Shiny Around the Edges
I Heart FX - Alan Sparhawk
I Heart FX - Jessica Bailiff
QRD #30, older & wiser about this issue
Arnold Pander (Pander Brothers) interview (May 2006)
Chris Olley (Twelve/Six by Seven) interview (May 2006)
Josh Howard (Dead@17) interview (May 2006)
Jamie Barnes interview (May 2006)
Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle/The Ceiling) interview (May 2006)
14 year-old's dream
Charles Bronson
Devo 2.0
Devo versus Kraftwerk
Job Reviews - IT Assistant
Job Reviews - Hotel Night Clerk
i heart fx - Chris Olley
i heart fx - Jamie Barnes
issue #29, don't call it a come back about this issue
If Thousands interview (December 2005)
Kobi interview (December 2005)
Plumerai interview (December 2005)
Timothy Renner (Stonebreath) interview (December 2005)
The Torch Marauder interview (November 2005)
Bill Horist interview (December 2005)
Erin O’Brien interview (November 2005)
Nadav Carmel (Phoning It In) interview (December 2005)
Memories of Piggy  by The Torch Marauder
Plumerai Tour Diary (June-November 2005)
Only Trying to Get Us Some Peace by David Lawrence
The Day She Carried Me by Marlene Hyer
Four Pieces by Patricia Russo
QRD #28 About this issue
John Ostrander interview (January 2005)
David Lawrence interview (November 2004)
Adrian Tomine interview (December 2004)
Candy Reviews
Three Pieces by Brian John Mitchell
John O'Brien & My Car
Rivulets Tour Diary (January 2005)
QRD #27 Mike VanPortfleet interview (july 2004)
Attrition interview (july 2004)
Rollerball interview (july 2004)
ToneVENDOR interview (july 2004)
Jen Banbury interview (august 2004)
Music Reviews
Movie Reviews
Book Reviews
QRD #26 Atavist
Ben Szporluk (Elephant Stone) interview (march 2004)
Mats Gustafson (The Broken Face) interview (march 2004)
Saving money without hurting the artist
All That...and a Bag of Chips by Marlene Hyer
The Baby's All Right by Patricia Russo
QRD#25 About this issue
Shaleesha Ferrari (KSUA) interview (october 2003)
Patrick Bryant (WMBR) interview (october 2003)
Will Dodson (WQFS/WMMT) interview (october 2003)
Michael Gira interview (october 2003)
QRD#24 Emily Flake (CTD) interview (march 2003)
Pamelia Kurstin interview (march 2003)
If Thousands interview (march 2003)
Jack Rabid interview (march 2003)
Music Reviews
Movie Reviews
Book Reviews
The Justification of Bad Behavior by Stefanie Kalem
An Unfortunate Day by Martin Newman
QRD#23 lacking
Jessica Bailiff interview (september 2002)
Lycia interview (september 2002)
Six by Seven interview (september 2002)
soulwhirlingsomewhere interview (december 2002)
Neighbor Boy by Paticia Russo
kind not nice
QRD#22 the Silber issue Jon DeRosa (aarktica, Pale Horse and Rider) interview (june 2002)
Rivulets interview (july 2002)
Clang Quartet interview (july 2002)
Brian John Mitchell (Remora, Zombie Kisses) interview (july 2002)
Peter Aldrich interview (june 2002)
music reviews
book reviews
movie reviews
QRD#21 the first unprinted issue.... Colin Newman interview (october 2001)
Michael Gira interview (november 2001)
Katherine of Retail Whore interview (october 2001)
On Our Death
more complaints about humans
ins & outs
music reviews
book reviews
movie reviews
QRD#20, is the cover star Cesare or Nathan Amundson? Windsor for the Derby interview (january 2001)
Rivulets interview (december 2000)
Drekka interview (january 2001)
QRD Retrospectives
QRD#19 Low interview (september 2000)
Attrition interview (october 2000)
Asian Candy reviews by Mitchell Foy
Tara Vanflower interview (july 2000)
Mike VanPortfleet interview (july 2000)
How to be a Pseudo-Intellectual
QRD#18 Six by Seven interview (june 2000)
I Wanna Geek Out
Aarktica interview (may 2000)
AUTOreverse interview (may 2000)
candy reviews
QRD#17 Hefner Interview (february 2000)
Best of 1999
Kimber Lanning interview (march 2000)
Bill Rieflin interview (march 2000)
Lara Haynes interview (january 2000)
QRD#16, that's Jon DeRosa on the cover Michael Gira interview (september 1999)
Jarboe interview (september 1999)
Thunderland by Patricia Russo
dA Sebasstian interview (october 1999)
Filip Anderson interview (september 1999)
job reviews
QRD#15 Hefner interview (march 1999)
Origami Republika interview (december 1998)
Faith & Disease interview (may 1999)
tips for making your own zine
QRD#14 Low interview (october 1998)
Pineal Ventana interview (june 1998)
Vendetta interview (november 1998)
issue 13 black tape for a blue girl interview (february 1998)
An April March interview (june 1998)
Black Planet interview (april 1998)
Straight Edge interview (april 1998)
Responsible Self Deliverance
Issue 12 Soul Whirling Somewhere interview (october 1997)
Ordo Equilibrio interview (october 1997)
Attrition interview (october 1997)
Trance to the Sun interview (october 1997)
Thistle interview
Outburn interview (november 1997)
issue 11 Spahn Ranch interview (may 1997)
decorating tips
adventures of pinnochio
3rd Nail interview (june 1997)
teen culture
The Unquiet Void interview (may 1997)
QRD#10 Lycia interview (may 1997)
dead leaves rising interview (april 1997)
issue 9 Thanatos interview (december 1996)
A. Pia
zombies kick vampires' asses
jack Magazine interview (december 1996)
QRD #8 dA Sebasstian interview (may 1996)
3 pieces: m. norris
Falling Janus interview (june 1996)
#7. This issue should've been a big break, but it wasn't. Two interviews with people who'd actually had videos on Mtv & stuff, but the print shop fucked up a bunch of copies so it ended up with the smallest print run of all. Zoe from Trance to the Sun is on the cover. Shortly after this issue my brother got me a new computer free somehow. Alien Sex Fiend interview (january 1996)
Jarboe interview (march 1996)
Toungue in the Sky by D.F. Lewis
Prank by Patricia Russo
Issue 6, wow, two semi-known bands (lovesliescrushing & Spahn Ranch) again & the first in-depth lovesliescrushing interview I ever saw. This might be my favorite issue. The cover is a picture from when I went to the Grand Canyon when I was 18. lovesliescrushing interview (october 1995)
Spahn Ranch interview (november 1995)
#5. This issue had three pages of photos & I realized xeroxed photos look pretty crappy. I like how the cover looks like a bunny & a face & more; it's actually a blurry image of a pieta. My computer lost the ability to save & retrieve data on this issue. the interviews were with Annabelle's Garden & Pineal Ventana. Annabelle's Garden interview (november 1995)
Pineal Ventana interview (october 1995)
Issue 4 & the Vague icon is on the cover even though he didn't have a name yet. I thought this issue was the big time because I actually interviewed two bands that were somewhat National Razor interview (july 1995)
zombie dream
Small Mercies by Patricia Russo
kill bjm
Trance to the Sun interview (september 1995)
Convergence 1995
#3 featuring probably the two most obscure bands (burMonter & 1SBH) & the only complaints about humans
a solution to suicide
burMonter interview (april 1995)
1SBH interview (april 1995)
Issue 2, the first one I thought would never come out & the last one I did before dropping out of school. Originally it was going to have two fake interviews & be the last issue, But then Martin Bowes agreed to do an interview & I did the one with Dr. Littleton for a paper I did on ufo's for my history class because an interview was required. Snailiens are an obscure failed action figure type toy. that's my dad on the cover. the greatest super-hero ever
Attrition interview (april 1995)
Dr. Littleton interview (april 1995)
The first issue, no number on the cover because i didn't know if another one would come. Boy this feels like forever ago. It was inspired by a lot of zines I didn't like & a few defunct ones I did & some a few friends did. I didn't have a computer & typed stuff on a friend's portable word processor. I didn't have much money & I couldn't afford a glue stick, so I glued the whole thing together with marshmellow fluff because i could buy that on my college food plan. The original copy fell apart now. The interviews were with Lycia & Super 31 Super 31 interview (november 1994)
message from Rev. X-Ray
Lycia interview (november 1994)
cat reviews
QRD related stuff
These features were taken from other zines & generally with permission.
Momus (Jon DeRosa)
Kill Switch...Klick (Necropolis)
Low (whirlpool)
Half String (whirlpool)
Half String (Vendetta)
jesus & mary chain (Vendetta)
Swans (Phantazmagoria)
Michael Gira (Mitchell Foy)
Remora Euro Tour Diary (Mouthy)
Remora (spanish interview)
LIT RAT - short stories & stuff

  Suborrhea -- Brian John Mitchell
  The Loneliness of The Long Distance Unicyclist  Ch 1 - Julianna Towns
  Hold it by the Corner - Julianna Towns
  Shave - Lais Williams
  4 hours old - Brian John Mitchell
  A LitRat Canon
  2:22 -- Tara Vanflower
  Murder Suicide - Tara Vanflower

okay, so we have this weird post-apocalyptic-end-of-the-world zombie fetish, you don't?
zombie kisses
zombies kick vampires' asses
zombie poll
zombie free
katherine's story
new human
mobil zombie
zombie links

Okay, virtually everything in this is from 2000.  I've been busy/lazy.  I'll try to do some more one day.

Peter Aldrich
Filip Andersen (Ring)
Jessica Bailiff
Jamie Barnes
Martin Bowes (Attrition)
Kim Chee (Pineal Ventana)
Eric Cooley (faith & disease)
Jim DeJong (Infant Cycle)
Jon DeRosa (dead leaves rising/still./aarktica)
Bill Horist
Ryan Lum (Love Spirals Downward)
Brian John Mitchell (Remora/Small Life Form)
Martin Newman (burMonter)
Chris Olley (six by seven/twelve)
Chris Perry (An April March)
Mike Plaster (Soul Whirling Somewhere)
Sam Rosenthal (black tape for a blue girl)
Ashkelon Sain (Trance to the Sun)
Michael & Jennifer Seman (Shiny Around the Edges)
Alan Sparhawk (Low 1999 set-up)
Alan Sparhawk (Low 2006 set-up)
Mike VanPortfleet (Lycia)

Brian's Comics
Okay, so I've been working on all these mini-comics the past few years, here are the links...
Lost Kisses