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Kirchenkampf - The Body ElectricX-Bax - AokigaharaParties - Tea Time PD Wilder - O Tokke HymnsSagan Youth - Chem SetLlarks - 5 x 5Chvad SB - Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot TreeLD&Co - The Just-World PhenomenonBlack Wedding - Recursive 2015 5in5 Download Bundle! - 9 EPs for $6!
Get the 9 latest installments of our 5in5 series for just $6!  Easy way to support the artists, the series, & save enough of you own money to buy a bean burrito!
Music from Kirchenkampf, X-Bax, Parties, PD Wilder, Sagan Youth, Llarks, Chvad SB, LD&Co, & Black Wedding.
45 tracks, 45 minutes
$6 download
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Make Some Noise Various Artists - Make Some Noise
MP3 compilation 2015 |Silber 188
8 tracks, 23 minutes
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A few years ago there was well a fad of noise musicians posting pictures & videos of cheerleaders holding "Make Some Noise" signs on Facebook.  With a cheer from a middle school as an inspiration point, this compilation is a fun mix of noise, darkwave, prog rock, drone, & electroclash.  
Featuring: M is We, Electric Bird Noise, fornever, Small Life Form, Ted Johnson, Philip James Fox, Baptizer, & The Band that Wouldn't Die.

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Our webzine QRD continues with issue #72.
In depth interviews with record label owners, musicians, comic creators, & comic shop owners.

about this issue
Label Owner Interviews:
Ben Link Collins of Silent Media Projects
Keith Jones of Fruits de Mer & Regal Crabomphone
Alastair Mabon of At War With False Noise
Steve Dewhurst of J&C Tapes
Richo Johnson of Fourth Dimension Records
Jeff Cloud of Velvet Blue Music
Sam Rosenthal of Projekt Records
Mike Keirsbilck of Consouling Sounds
Renzo of Felmay Records
Chris Jeely of Lathelight Ltd
Michael J Collins of FilthyBroke Recordings
Andrea Vascellari of ViVeriVive & VeniVersus
Bryan Day of Public Eyesore & Eh?
Guitarist Interview:
Christian Berends of Lend Me Your Underbelly
Comic Creator Interviews:
Casey Brillon of Crusty Comics
Ayal Pinkus
Max de Radigučs of Rough Age & Moose
Comic Shop Owner Interviews:
Justin Adcock of Bombshell Comics
Jesse James of Jesse James Comics
Mike Giacoia of October Country Comics
Christian Musician Interview:
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer
LD&Co - The Just-World Phenomenon LD&Co - The Just-World Phenomenon
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 177
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
listen on Silber | listen on Bandcamp
LD&Co is led by LD Beghtol (Flare, Moth Wranglers).  Twisted pop blended with bedroom noise experiments.  Songs about Godzilla, electronic devices, similes & metaphors, murder, & groovy horror movies. Sometimes getting inside other people’s heads is as confusing as it is delightful.

: Listen to the track Velocity Of The Bedroom
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Star #4 Star #4
Mini-comic (2.125"x1.875")
40 pages
$1.50 ($2.50 intn'l)
A musician followed by demons twists a love spell to his advantage.

Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Art by Kurt Dinse.

read a PDF of Star #4
Kaiju Temple Various Artists - Kaiju Temple
MP3 Compilation 2015 | Silber 189
18 tracks, 77 minutes
$5 download (includes digital comic)
It was only natural that Joe Badon would make his Terra Kaiju comic. A story of love, sacrifice, & revenge inspired by the giant monster & samurai movies that Joe grew up on. It was also only natural that Silber would curate an experimental noise soundtrack for it.
Small Life Form, Chvad SB, Goddakk, IANTH, Clang Quartet, Dathon, Electric Bird Noise, Baptizer, Bryce Eiman, Emperor Sumo, M is We, Mhek, Blues Alias, Llarks, Promute, The Band That Wouldn't Die, Northern Valentine, Remora

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PD Wilder - O Tokke Hymns PD Wilder - O Tokke Hymns
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 181
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
listen on Silber | listen on Bandcamp
PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel returns to Silber with glacial guitar & reverbed drenched funeral hymn drones.

: Listen to the track Hymn One
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X-Bax - Aokigahara X-Bax - Aokigahara
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 183
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
listen on Silber | listen on Bandcamp
X-Bax is the solo project of Phil Dole (Chord).  Massive drone & angular rock face the five minute challenge.

: Listen to the track Gozu The Killer
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