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Remora - Warm Bodies Remora - Warm Bodies
MP3 EP 2018 | Silber 269
1 track, 26 minutes
$2 download
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Since 1996 Remora’s been exploring the guitar as a source for aggressive ambient soundscapes. "Warm Bodies" is Remora’s latest & most ambitious exploration of guitar feedback. Remora leader Brian John Mitchell controlls the feedback on three guitars while five other guitars & a bass are controlled by Nicholas Slaton (slicnaton), Martin Newman (Goddakk, DRLNG), Michael Wood (M is We), Micheal Madden (M is We), & Rowland Yeargan (Sportsmanship).

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slicnaton - ensemble slicnaton - ensemble
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 268
7 tracks, 58 minutes
$5 download
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Led by Nicholas Slaton, slicnaton mixes elements of jazz, electroacoustics, no input mixing, glitch, drone, & noise. With a background in jazz & classical composition, Slaton comes to the drone & noise table with an exceptionally musical ear & nuance often lost in the genres. On the new album Ensemble he expands on his electroacoustic drone roots.

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Our webzine QRD continues with issue #77.
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Artistic Dad Interviews:
Lou Graziani creator of Cy-Boar
Jason Lamoreaux of The Corrupting Sea
Philip Polk Palmer
Zachary Scott Lawrence of Endless Chasm

Guitarist Interviews:
Loc Josinski of Koyl
Matt Gut of Fullness Off Lack

Touring Musician Interviews:
Lucio Menegon of Prehistoric Horse
Space Sweeper - Collision Space Sweeper - Collision
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 266
1 track, 40 minutes
$5 download
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40 minutes of aggressive ambient guitar spacescapes from Ted Johnson (Tesla Recoils), Brian Lea McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), & Brian John Mitchell (Remora).

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Rowland Yeargan - Close Your Eyes Rowland Yeargan - Close Your Eyes
MP3 EP 2018 | Silber 263
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
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Five minutes of drone from new Silber ally Rowland Yeargan.

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Goddakk - VI: A Good Day for Crows Goddakk - VI: A Good Day For Crows
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 267
8 tracks, 38 minutes
$5 download
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The final installment of Goddakk’s exploration of drum machines, analog synths, & aggressive ambient guitars. Melodies & mutations rise only to fall from the sky & be devoured by the carrion eaters.

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P.D. Wilder - Remember to Remind Me P.D. Wilder - Remember to Remind Me
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 261
5 tracks, 62 minutes
$5 download
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P. D. Wilder, ex-Hotel Hotel, continues in the age-old tradition of hillbilly beardos playing ambient drone music solo armed with a guitar & a dozen pedals. Now a father, Wilder recorded much of “remember to remind me” during the nine months before his son’s birth. A reflection & meditation on life with change during the anticipation of change. Birth, life, death, birth, always changing always moving forward, always the same – yet always building & changing, drone is forever.

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Azalia Snail: Neon Resistance Azalia Snail - Neon Resistance
CD Album 2018 | Silber 262
12 tracks, 39 minutes
$14 ($21 international, $10 download)
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“She has always written very personal songs and on her new album, Neon Resistance, that is still very much the case. Its lead track, ‘Celeste (Can You Feel It)’, is huge, an epic pop song that will ear-worm its way into your life. Let’s hope there really is that parallel universe where Azalia is a star & appreciated for producing songs like this & then lets all go live there!”
~ Stephen Rennicks, Ambient Analogue

Azalia Snail has been making her uniquely sweet, hypnotic, noise-inflected brand of pop music since the days before Nirvana broke. Her entire catalog has a spirit of timelessness where you could believe the music was rare gems from the late 1960s as well as from the 1990s when she first appeared on the scene or today. Upbeat, triumphant, & joyous – this is the true sound of resistance & it's irresistable.

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Small Life Form - Fragments Small Life Form - Fragments
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 260
10 tracks, 80 minutes
$5 download
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Small Life Form started as a studio project of sound exploration in 1998 & became a live project in 2007 focusing on electro-acoustics & super simple synthesizers. Fragments collects studio recordings from 2012-2014 dominated by the live rig of the era complimented by a few computer sound sculptures ("slow silence", "so sincere", "BPM65", "fluorescent", "buzz"). The stage is set with "something organic to service the machine" inspired by Harlan Ellison's short story "I Have No Mouth, & I Must Scream" for a slab of post-apocalyptic sci-fi doom drone. After mankind has fallen, sound still needs to be explored.

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